Do you often wonder why folks don’t “get” you? 

Do your interpersonal relationships feel shallow or conflicted?

Do you long to help yourself and the people around you have a deeper understanding of inherent strengths and blind spots?

I specialize in helping people build self-awareness and connection using the insights of a Gospel-Centered Enneagram.  My previous work experience as both a public school teacher and a district trainer have sharpened my presentation skills and fueled my passion for helping people discern and apply the useful tools of the Enneagram.

My husband and I have spent most of our 26-year marriage working and serving in church ministry leadership, non-profit management, and the mental health industry.  More specifically, my work as a kids ministry director at a large, fast-growing church allowed me to use and apply the tools of the Enneagram in a dynamic system of strategic volunteer management and strengths-based team leadership.  I now work for a Biblical counseling center where I use the tools of the Enneagram to help my clients identify the places in their lives where the Truth of the Gospel is dimmer than it should be.

These eclectic experiences have given me unique perspective and invaluable insight. I bring confident experience to both my private Enneagram coaching sessions and my interactive workshops, helping people see the challenge as well as the blessing that comes from discerning their Type.  Are you ready to take the next step toward deeper knowledge of self and others?  Let’s talk!

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Certified Enneagram Coach

Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) Endorsement

Certified Teacher

with 21 years in public education

Kids Ministry Director

with 4 years of ministry leader experience

Certified IASIS Provider