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Lisa Mitchell

Do you often wonder why folks don't "get" you? Do your interpersonal relationships feel shallow or conflicted? I specialize in helping people build self-awareness, understanding, and connection using the tools of a Gospel-Centered Enneagram. Let's talk!


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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 6

More about Lisa Mitchell

I grew up as a Navy Brat, living in various locations throughout the United States and the world when I was younger. I met my husband, Kyle (Type 7), on a blind date in 1997, and we were married 4 months later. I wouldn’t recommend that timeline for most folks, but it worked for us!  Together we have 4 adult children: Makenzie (Type 2), lan (Type 5), Caed (a social 9), and Braedan (one-to-one 9). Between all our Types and Wings, we cover every number on the Enneagram! Does that make our home a little crazy at times? Definitely!

I was an elementary school teacher for 21 years and loved it! It was incredibly rewarding to watch students have that “light-bulb” moment when they finally connected the dots and saw the whole picture. In 2018, the Lord orchestrated a divine interruption for me when I was offered the position of Kid’s Ministry Director at a fast-growing church. This is when I was first introduced to the Enneagram. I was immediately captivated by its accuracy and usefulness and found myself leaning into it heavily as I managed a dynamic and eclectic ministry team of nearly 200 people. I could easily see that an enhanced awareness of personal motivations was like the key in a lock, helping to promote a greater capacity for compassion, grace, and connection with all the people I was leading.

When our youngest child graduated high school in 2022, I left full-time ministry and joined my husband’s counseling practice. I provide Enneagram Coaching as one of the many services offered by this Biblical counseling organization.

I’m still a teacher at heart and look forward to coming alongside you on your Enneagram journey. I can’t wait to see YOU have your own “light-bulb” moments, connecting the dots to see the beautiful picture of who God designed you to be!

  • Certified Enneagram Coach through YEC
  • Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) Endorsement
  • Certified Teacher with 21 years in public education
  • Kid’s Ministry Director with 4 years of ministry leader experience


30-Minute Consultation
Is Enneagram Coaching your best next step? Let's meet to talk about what this experience might look like for you.
Discovering You Session
Not sure of your main Type? In this session, we'll examine the results of your free Enneagram assessment and work together to determine your main Enneagram Type, your Wings, and your Sub-type.
Exploring You Wellness Pathway
There are five 50-minute sessions in this series, each with customized Guide Sheets. I will coach you through each session so you can learn and grow without feeling overwhelmed. We'll examine a detailed overview of your Type to help you build amazing self-awareness. Then I'll guide you to a deeper understanding of your true self through the lens of the Enneagram, helping you to thrive and move forward with hope!
Becoming You Wellness Pathway (EIP)
This is the next step in your Enneagram Coaching journey! There are five 50-minute sessions in this series, each with customized Guide Sheets. These sessions take you on a deeper dive into the Enneagram using the Enneagram Internal Profile©. We'll look at the behaviors of your inner "Wounded Child" and discover how the truth of the Gospel can awaken your "Beloved Child" so you can find healing and hope.
Exploring Us Wellness Pathway for Marriage
There are five 80-minute sessions in this series. This is the COUPLES version of the Exploring You Wellness Pathway (see description above). We'll review and examine the details of each spouse's Enneagram Type and discuss how these differences play out in marriage. Topics include communication, conflict, triggers, affirmation, and applications of grace.
An Evening with the Enneagram
Gather your friends for an evening with the Enneagram! This 2-hour event is hosted in your home and takes you on a journey through all 9 Types on the Enneagram. Enjoy a time of engaging activities and memorable games as you learn more about yourself and your friends. Topics include awareness, communication, triggers, conflict, and affirmation. *The listed price is for GROUPS of 12 or less. Additional participants are $15 each.
Half-Day Team Building Event
Are you looking for a way to develop the interpersonal relationships for the people on your team? This 3.5-hour Team Building event gives an overview of all 9 Enneagram Types, helping the people in your work family gain insight into what they and others bring to the team. Topics include awareness, communication, triggers, conflict, and affirmation.
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Full-Day Team Building Event
Are you looking for a way to take your team to the next level? This 7-hour Team Building event takes a deeper dive into all 9 EnneagramTypes than the half-day event. This option is ideal for larger organizations made up of smaller teams and individuals, with additional time given for group discussion and application. The members of your work family will gain awareness and insight into what each person brings to the team, which helps promote a culture of authenticity, compassion, honesty, and rapport. Topics include awareness, communication, triggers, conflict, and affirmation.
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Thank you for the Enneagram coaching you provided to my wife and me. We’ve been married over 55 years and gained new insights through your teaching and explanation.  Getting guidance for relationships, empathetic listening, and effective communication has helped give us new direction in life.

– Dan S. (Type 5) with his wife Joy (Type 2)


I was able to have Lisa as my Enneagram coach for 5 weeks! It was amazing! She helped me learn so much about myself, including how I respond to people and situations and why. It has been helpful for me to see how I react to others and how I treat them based on how God designed me. And even better, how to use the way God made me to respond and react in a healthier way. I highly recommend Lisa Mitchell to be your Enneagram Coach!!

– Sue N. (Type 2)


I knew I was a Type 4 before seeing Lisa, but I wasn’t aware of how much that affected my responses to jobs, relationships, and my overall reception of the Gospel. Through each session, I recounted parts of my life that shaped how I viewed myself and how I perceived God viewed me, as well. Lisa was a patient and attentive coach, always prepared to receive my stories and give them back with a right Gospel framework. For me, this acted as a great tool for self-awareness as well as an awareness for those around me.

– Lauren K. (Type 4)

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