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Couple Conversations with the Enneagram

  • Length of Service
    2.5 hours

Service Description

Couple Conversations with the Enneagram is a 2.5 hour intensive experience.  It’s the concentrated version of Lisa’s “Becoming Us” coaching series.

Skip the movie and call the sitter!  Plan a date night with the Enneagram and walk away with renewed insights about both yourself and your spouse.  Virtual sessions available via Zoom!

Topics include: self-awareness, communication styles, conflict triggers, relational strategies, affirmation tools, and Christ-centered connections to your instinctive stress response(s).


Going through the Enneagram Coaching with Lisa was a positive, eye-opening experience. We not only learned more about ourselves in ways that helped us understand many of our individual motivations and responses, we also learned about one another’s strengths and needs and how to support each other in our marriage. By far the most valuable aspect of this process with Lisa was the Gospel-centered approach she used. We have been through many personality-related tests and clinics, but all of them lacked the important spiritual component of the Holy Spirit’s interaction within who we are. The Gospel-centered Enneagram coaching with Lisa was an informative, practical, and encouraging experience for us both as individuals and as a married couple. – Matt J. (Type 9) and his wife, Andrea (Type 3)