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Becoming Us

  • Length of Service
    1.5 hours

Service Description

There are five 80-minute sessions in this series ($140/session), each with customized Guide Sheets. Lisa will coach you and your spouse/fiancé through each session so you can learn and grow together without feeling overwhelmed. Couples will examine detailed overviews of their Types to help build amazing self-awareness. Then Lisa will guide both of you to a deeper understanding of your true self through the lens of the Enneagram, helping you to thrive and move forward in your relationship with hope!

Topics include: self-awareness, communication styles, conflict triggers, relational strategies, affirmation tools, and Christ-centered connections to your instinctive response(s) to stress.


Thank you for the Enneagram coaching you provided to my wife and me. We’ve been married 55 years and gained new insights through your teaching and explanation.  Getting guidance for relationships, empathetic listening, and effective communication has helped give us new direction in life. – Dan S. (Type 5) with his wife Joy (Type 2)