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Team-Building Workshops with the Enneagram


Service Description

Are you looking for a way to take your team to the next level?  This Team Building event uses the insights of the Enneagram to help the people in your work family build self-awareness and deepen their understanding of the interplay between Enneagram types.  These events are designed to promote a culture of authenticity, compassion, honesty, and rapport in your workplace.

Service Options include (starting @ $200):

  • 2-hour                                                                         
  • half-day
  • full-day
  • multi-day retreat
Pricing varies by service and number of attendees. Please reach out for additional details and information.


Having Lisa for a full day workshop created so many light-bulb moments for my staff! Her genuineness and insight in sharing about each type helped not only my teachers, but the directors in my preschool program, as well. It has given us common words to use, and we often find ourselves re-looking up Types to see what our staff might need from us for encouragement, or how they might be interpreting something based on their Type, or how we can help co-teachers work better together. As an employer, I want to see each of them succeed in life, and this is a tool that will benefit them both in our business AND in their personal lives. My staff thoroughly enjoyed our time with Lisa and would absolutely recommend her trainings!!! – Lena P. (owner and CEO of Priceless Treasures Preschools, Salem, OR)

Lisa is such a gem!  Her 2-hour Enneagram workshop was excellent, easy-to-follow, engaging, and SO insightful.  She truly has a heart for guiding others on their journeys of self-discovery and self-understanding.  I can’t recommend her more highly! – Jerri A. (MOPS Director at Pathway Church, Burleson, TX)