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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you complete the Become an Enneagram Coach course, you have the opportunity to join our exclusive Certification Network. The Certification Network provides the assessment needed to activate your certification and covers the dues to retain your ongoing certification status as active.

Once you join the Certification Network and pass your assessment, to retain your ongoing certification status as active, your ongoing membership to the Certification Network must remain in good standing. 

Please Note: Membership to the Certification Network provides you with the assessment to activate your certification, and retains your coaching certification as active, and provides the rights/license to utilize all coaching materials provided therein. Cancelation to the Network revokes this.

Your membership to the exclusive Your Enneagram Coach Certification Network provides the assessment needed to activate your certification and covers the dues to retain your coaching certification status. The Certification Network also includes the most current and updated version of Become an Enneagram Coach course, access to our private Coaching Community Cohorts, our exclusive Coaching Newsletter, ongoing Professional Development Masterclasses, your own certified coach profile page in our public Enneagram Coaches directory, and more.

Additionally, your membership to the Certified Network provides you with the license/rights to our most up to date version of Beth’s proven, turn-key Guide Sheets directly with your clients. 

Another unique benefit to the Certification Network is access to Beth, the YEC Team and our exclusive Certified Network coaches from around the world in our private YEC Network Coaches Facebook Group. This exclusive community comprises our most highly motivated and invested coaches committed to pursuing the success of their coaching businesses, and is a goldmine for guidance and invaluable wisdom.

About 1-2 hours per month. It’s optional, but we highly recommend setting time aside for continuing education each month.

In addition to the monthly training offered inside the Certified Coach Network, you will also have the opportunity to participate in topic-based cohorts and engage with the Certified Coach online community for your continued professional development and encouragement.

When you join as a Platinum member, you get rights to “white-label” Your Enneagram Coach’s industry-leading Enneagram Assessment as your own. You’ll find instructions once you log in to the Certified Coach Network on how to request setup from our team. You’ll answer a few questions and our team will help you build your own branded assessment. You’ll be able to add your logo or name to the assessment, but the assessment will say “powered by Your Enneagram Coach” since it’s our proprietary technology. 

Once your own branded assessment is set up, you’ll receive a custom link that you can embed on your website, share on your social media channels, and share with your current and prospective clients. 

When a client takes your own branded assessment, they’ll receive one email from Your Enneagram Coach that will have a link sending them to your Directory page. They’ll receive little to no email from us after that. Once someone takes your assessment you will also receive an email notifying you and within the Network, you’ll have a database (CSV file you can download anytime) with Type results and email addresses of anyone who has taken your assessment. 

Please note you will NOT be able to customize the email and/or results that your assessment takers receive or customize the questions of the assessment in any way. You only retain access to your own branded assessment while you are an active member of the Certified Coach Network.

The YEC Certification Network has a NO REFUND policy.

You may cancel anytime by submitting a request inside your Network portal, or by reaching out to our Team directly via email.

Please Note: To ensure you are not billed again, we recommend submitting your request at least one week before your next payment is due to cycle. Email us at: 

Once your cancellation has been processed, you will continue to have access to the Certified Network until the end of your most recent billing cycle.

Please Note: Cancelation to the Certified Coach Network does revoke your Coaching Certification and relinquishes all prior license/rights to use any of Your Enneagram Coach’s proprietary materials with your clients (including but not limited to, Guide Sheets, presentations, etc.).