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Exploring You


Service Description

There are five 60-minute sessions in this series ($100/session), each with customized Guide Sheets. Lisa will coach you through each session so you can learn and grow without feeling overwhelmed. Together with Lisa, you’ll examine a detailed overview of your Type to help build amazing self-awareness. Then she will guide you to a deeper understanding of your true self through the lens of the Enneagram, helping you to thrive and move forward with hope!


I knew I was a Type 4 before seeing Lisa, but I wasn’t aware of how much that affected my responses to jobs, relationships, and my overall reception of the Gospel. Through each session, I recounted parts of my life that shaped how I viewed myself and how I perceived God viewed me, as well. Lisa was a patient and attentive coach, always prepared to receive my stories and give them back with a right Gospel framework. For me, this acted as a great tool for self-awareness as well as an awareness for those around me. – Lauren K. (Type 4)

I was able to have Lisa as my Enneagram coach for 5 weeks! It was amazing! She helped me learn so much about myself, including how I respond to people and situations and why. It has been helpful for me to see how I react to others and how I treat them based on how God designed me. And even better, how to use the way God made me to respond and react in a healthier way. I highly recommend Lisa Mitchell to be your Enneagram Coach!! – Sue N. (Type 2)