Frequently Asked Questions

Enneagram Coaching is the fastest and most beneficial way to discover your Enneagram Type and effectively apply the Enneagram to your daily life to accelerate your achievements toward healthy transformation.

Not at all. Your Enneagram Coach can save you time and frustration by guiding you through the most direct path to discovering your main Enneagram Type.

It’s great that you have already discovered your main Type! Now, Your Enneagram Coach can help guide you through the intentional and appropriate application of the Enneagram in your daily life so you can continue to grow toward health and experience ongoing transformation in your relationships.

Just click any of the “Find Your Coach” buttons throughout this page to begin your search for Your Enneagram Coach. It’s helpful to think about areas where you need the most help and search by those specialties (marriage, addiction, recovery, grief, understanding your Type more, etc.). It’s also helpful to get clear on whether you’d like in person coaching that’s local to you or virtual coaching. Specifying these items will help you find the right coach for you.

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Yes, many of our coaches do offer and even specialize in faith-based coaching from a Christian perspective, but we have coaches from all faith backgrounds and many who offer faith-neutral coaching services.

At this time, we only allow Enneagram Coaches certified through Your Enneagram Coach to be featured on our Directory. For more information on how to become a certified Enneagram Coach with us, please learn more here. 

Yes, many of our coaches are also licensed therapists.

Yes, many of our coaches do offer and even specialize in couple’s coaching.

Yes. All Enneagram Coaches featured on our Directory have been certified with us and have undergone an extensive training, as well as a testing process to become certified. As an industry-leading expert in the Enneagram (more than 2 million people globally have taken our research-based Enneagram assessment), Your Enneagram Coach acts as the certifying entity and now has more than 1,500 coaches in our world renowned certification program, Become an Enneagram Coach.

Becoming the healthiest version of yourself is one of the best things you can do for your business as a leader, so by enrolling in one on one coaching with one of our coaches, you can experience great results. In fact, many of our coaches specialize in working with Executives and business leaders and the Enneagram is an incredible tool for Business Leadership and Team Development. If you have a speaking event or are looking for an Enneagram Coach to work with your company as a whole, please email us at so we can connect you with one of our experienced Enneagram Coaches for Business.

In the very unlikely event that your coaching experience is not satisfactory, please do reach out to Your Enneagram Coach directly:

All sessions and payments are scheduled directly with the individual coaches within our directory and are not handled by Your Enneagram Coach directly. Please reach out to your coach directly if you need to request a refund.