My Christ centered enneagram coaching sessions work to get you out of the cycles and patterns you have dealt with your entire life by helping you to be more self aware.

Hello! I am Tanna Crain. I am from Cookeville, TN. I am a wife and mother of 3.

After having a coach for a 12 month period, I realized I too wanted to help to change the lives of others by sharing Christ Centered enneagram.

So much freedom comes from knowing how to navigate life while giving grace to others freely and having compassion for others.

I have started my coaching business, Tanna Crain Coaching in Cookeville. I do in person coaching as well as coaching via zoom.

I have a passion to share enneagram with women so that they can function in their callings in a healthy way.

I also love to help businesses to be more successful by adding knowledge of the enneagram to their team.