I am passionate about helping you experience the freedom to live authentically and embrace the vibrant truth that we all see the world from different perspectives so that you can have better communication, and begin to see better relationships.

We all have places in our personal and professional lives where we are blocked. So often, we get caught up in our everyday routines and never stop to notice that we are simply going through the motions. And before long, days turn into months and years, and we find ourselves stuck in a rut. The rut of the way that we always do things, or how we always think or see. And it’s easy to think that everyone around us sees the world the same. We fall into the trap of what the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer described when he said, “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”

But you see, not everyone sees the world the way I do. We live in a colorful, diverse world. And there is something to learn from that variety. And when we learn that not everyone sees the world the same and that we each are created with a unique perspective, we can experience freedom to live authentically. That is why I am passionate about helping individuals and teams discover the why behind how they think, feel and act.

As a professionally trained Enneagram coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you move from a black and white existence to the rich technicolor existence that we were meant to experience. I can help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. As you embrace the truth that we all see the world from different perspectives, you can have better communication, and begin to see better relationships. Couples can improve understanding in relationships. Teams can develop a greater compassion and understanding for each other and achieve better communication to work together with more success and greater impact.

As an executive level professional with substantial fundraising and operational experience, I have worked in non-profit management for more than 20 years in organizations both large and small. My professional experience has ranged from ministry positions with large Christian organizations to fundraising for higher education and hospital systems. I have held management positions with various national, regional, and local arts organizations and urban and national parks. I have seen first-hand the impact that a strong team can make on its community when its members are committed to moving in the same direction together. The sum truly is greater than the individual parts!

Just like when Dorothy left the gray, dull, dust bowl of Kansas behind and found herself on a brand-new adventure, in a vivid new world of Oz, I believe that we are being invited to take another look at the world – and the people – around us and learn to see in bright new technicolor.

I want to live out of the full spectrum of colors. And I want to help other people do the same.


“Thanks, Stephanie! I didn’t even know what I was looking for but you took the time to walk me through the Enneagram and how it could help me. I am now using it daily in my marriage and at work!” – Shiann

“Stephanie facilitated a strategic planning session for our non-profit board with grace, humor and expertise. Because we took the time to better undersatnd each other and how we see the world differently, we are now well on our way to meeting our goals.” – Andrea

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