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Stephani Cook

Through "On Purpose Coaching" I help others to discover intentional, abundant living by loving God, loving others and loving themselves better. In other words - learning to live On Purpose, With Purpose and For Purpose!


College, Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Parenting, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

More about Stephani Cook

As an Enneagram 2, “The Helper”, I have spent most of my life focused on others in an effort to do whatever I could to be of service and help to them. I enjoyed a very long career in school psychology (26 years in fact) only to find that the job I once enjoyed so passionately was leaving me feeling frustrated and discontent. As I searched for the happiness and contentment that seemed lost to me, I discovered the Enneagram. Through learning more about this tool, I experienced a season of tremendous spiritual growth and discovered things about God and myself that I had never realized before. As painful as that season felt at the time, I now know that God took me to a valley to help mold me in preparation for a new chapter of my life. And I want to teach you what I’ve learned! That is how On Purpose Coaching was born.

Through On Purpose Coaching I help others to discover intentional, abundant living by loving God, loving others and loving themselves better. I do that through services including group, couples and/or individual coaching, live event speaking or maybe my favorite, Enneagram workshops with teams. I continue to have a heart for educators, so I also offer an Educator’s Only Insiders Group where I provide regular coaching specific to the field of education.

In addition to owning On Purpose Coaching, I write devotionals, speak frequently at faith events and host a weekly podcast called “What’s Your Story with Hannah and Stephani”. Each week we invite a guest to share her story of faith in the hopes that others will be encouraged, inspired and lifted up in her own faith journey.


Education: M.A. and Ed.S. in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education

Certifications: Licensed School Psychologist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Enneagram Coach, Endorsed EIP Coach


15-20 -Minute Consultation
We will discuss your expectations and questions related to coaching and what you might expect should you choose to hire me as your coach.
Introduction to the Enneagram - 45 Minute sessions
An overview of the nine Enneagram types (typically 3 - 5 coaching sessions) to identify your main type.
Deeper Dive into the Enneagram - 45 minute sessions
A deeper dive of your Enneagram number using guided worksheets that cover wings, paths, subtypes, childhood messages and more. (Five sessions are recommended).
Five Session Coaching Package (10% off per session price)
Can be used for Enneagram Coaching or General Life Coaching
2 Hour Enneagram Workshop
An introduction to the Enneagram for groups or teams
4 hour Enneagram Workshop
Covers all nine Enneagram Types, Wings, Paths and includes interactive case studies for application
On Purpose Insiders Group for Educators
A six-month online coaching group (meets monthly) designed to encourage, motivate and inspire as you navigate a challenging career in the field of education (enrollment open in March and September)
Event Speaking
I am available for professional development workshops or event speaking to audiences large or small. Possible topics include: On Purpose Living - How to be intentional about using your God given strengths and personality to His glory * Workplace Burnout - A job, a career or a calling? * Learn to Love Your Life (The Science of Happiness) * Rediscovering Your Passion - How Empty Nest Years Might Be Your Best Years * Anxiety and Overthinking - Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life * Contact Me to Discuss Other Topics to Assist Your Audience
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“My inner critic has learned the importance of grace! As I practice techniques that I’ve learned through On Purpose Coaching, I am developing peace and fulfillment in both my professional life as well as my personal life. I am excited to learn and apply more words of wisdom.” Kay, 9

“Stephani taught me to step up as a helper, but to step back to see my own needs. She reminds me of my spiritual servanthood and that I am constantly growing. She also taught me that it is okay to let God love me when I am feeling too needy or concerned about my own things. She also helps me to remember that a balanced life is the only way to take care of others” Janya, 2

“I really enjoyed working through and learning about the Enneagram with Stephani as my coach. Her passion and knowledge about the Enneagram make her a fantastic resource. I especially appreciated the patience with which she works her clients through the Enneagram process. She is much more concerned with helping clients really understand their Enneagram number and how that will play out in their lives than a quick diagnosis.” Krystin, 3

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Stephani on several occasions as she as walked our students through her Enneagram workshop. It is simple for those who may not have engaged with the Enneagram before, but also deep enough for those who have significant knowledge of the Enneagram. It has greatly helped in one of our primary missions of developing leaders in our ministry and helping students grow and learn more about the ways God has gifted them to serve!” Stacy, Baptist Collegiate Ministries

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