I am happy to coach anyone who comes my way, but most of my work has been with teens and their families – helping them understand each other better, communicate more effectively and celebrate each other’s differences.

I was first introduced to the Enneagram when I was teaching at a therapeutic boarding school for struggling youth about fifteen years ago. I have kept the principles of it in my back pocket, but have just started putting the wisdom into practice in the last five years. Wow – what a ride! Learning about all the complexities of my Enneagram type was so hard, but liberating at the same time. I didn’t understand why others saw me as aggressive when I didn’t see myself that way. I didn’t understand why I would fight tooth and nail for the underdog. I didn’t understand what drove me to do ‘big things’ like ride my bike around Uganda to bring the plight of orphans to the attention of others. I didn’t understand why my husband and I had the same struggles over and over again and why I hate to be vulnerable. The Enneagram helped bring these things to light and I will never be the same.

Understanding my Enneagram Type (I’m an 8 with a 9 wing) and the Enneagram Types of my family, co-workers and friends has been absolutely transformational and given me unparalleled insight into relationships, parenting and how to bring out the best in others. It has also helped me become a better teacher, mom, wife, friend, and a healthier leader as I better understand the motivations of other Types and how my own Type relates to, and is perceived by, those around me. When I realized how significant the Enneagram has been in my own growth, I just had to share it with others. So I became a certified coach through Your Enneagram Coach. As a Type 8, I am all about empowering others!

I am also an online high school teacher and principal and have over thirty years of experience working with teens and their families. When I am not serving my students or studying the Enneagram, I enjoy riding my bike, bike-packing, hiking, spending time on the lake, working on my projects in Uganda and spending time with my young adult children and my husband of thirty-two years.


“I have appreciated having a friend and mentor to help me understand my son better through the lens of the enneagram. Stacy has helped me understand how my son and I relate through our different enneagram types and how I can communicate, listen and love my son better. Stacy is approachable, walks the talk and is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help others.”

“Working with Stacy has been a life altering experience! She has helped me understand and accept myself in a way I never did before. She is kind, caring and provides a comfortable and safe environment during appointments. She is very knowledgeable and comes thoroughly prepared for each appointment. Even though my Enneagram coaching appointments are finished, I am continuing to see her as we go deeper and explore various topics that came up during our sessions. I would highly recommend Stacy if you are wanting to learn more about the Enneagram and your type!”

“Stacy has walked beside me and my family through many tumultuous and traumatic family experiences. Her ability to help me understand each of my family members, how they think, how they perceive things and how to approach them in ways that will speak their language has been monumental. She has an incredible ability to see through all the weeds and help you to figure out what your language is, what makes you tick, what makes you respond and or react, what makes you who you are, how you respond, and how you impact those around you. Taking the time to hear what she knows about my family’s Enneagram types, as well as my own, has truly made the difference between my having frustrated relationships and being able to hear and understand where my family and I are coming from. It’s like having eyes to see and ears to hear…finally.”

“Stacy is an outstanding coach. She provided so much knowledge, insight and resources throughout my coaching sessions. The enneagram has taught me how to better understand, love, appreciate myself and those around me. She is a great listener and cheerleader. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Group, Couple, Workshop
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Bachelors of Education in English
Trained in Structure of the Intellect testing
Risk Assessment and Trauma in Children and Teens training