Are you in a season of transition? Feeling stuck? Hopeful for direction and next steps as you peer around the bend of your story? Let’s combine spiritual direction, life coaching, and the enneagram to better understand the masterpiece that is your life!

My passion is the intersection between identity, greater self-awareness, spiritual formation, and deeper life transformation. I work with individuals, couples, and teams who are ready to engage in some inner work to become more self-aware and live in the freedom that kind of awareness brings.

I’ve been working in coaching, mentoring, and teaching roles most of my adult life – often in ministry team settings. So I’ve done the gamut of personality tests. You name it, I did it: MBTI, the one with the four animals, DISC, the four temperaments one, StrengthsFinder, and a few others. They were all useful in different ways and certainly fun to talk about. But beyond getting a label or a letter, I didn’t have much in terms of a growth plan. I “sorta, kinda” understood a bit more of myself, but I still felt stuck in the same, old patterns.

That’s where the Enneagram was different. The clarity was a little unnerving, honestly. Finally a tool that didn’t just tell me about my outward behaviors, but helped me understand the motivations beneath them. Good and bad; true and false self. I was suddenly aware of myself and things started to click for me in a way they never had before.

The Enneagram was the tool that opened my eyes, gave me language for my inner world, and helped me map a more hopeful way of living out of my unique wiring. It gave me the permission I didn’t know I needed to live out of my true identity instead of the frustrated life I was living – chasing after the “ideal person” I thought I should be but wasn’t. The “aha” moments were many after that!! The greater self-knowledge that came as I a result has impacted my relationship with God, my marriage and other close relationships, as well as my work life. And it hasn’t just helped me understand myself better – it’s given me a grid for understanding others. I have more compassion for their individual journeys!

I believe that God in His creativity made each of us with unique gifts, passions, and callings and that we are most alive in Him when we are living out of those. The result is greater clarity, wiser decision making, and lasting impact. During our times together, I am committed to providing an environment where you will be invited to dig deeper, live more authentically, and thrive in your unique design.

For more about me and my coaching practices, find me at www.theartofyou.us.


“Shannon is both gifted and skilled in understanding how our unique personalities directly affect human thought and behavior. She has years of experience in walking alongside, and leading, women in their spiritual and relational development. Her extensive training in the Enneagram only enhances her natural gifting in assisting others to better understand God’s design of them, and the people in their lives, to create healthier dynamics within relationships. She has been able to help women grow in their strengths and understand, and change, their areas of challenge. She has been uniquely positioned to integrate one’s spiritual journey with a deeper understanding of themselves. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with her in ministry and learn from one another. Shannon adds a special element to our women’s events.” – Leigh-Ann Brisbin, LPCC, Executive Director, Free To Be Ministries

“Shannon helped me further understand what ‘’my number” meant and gave me understanding of how to work alongside of my staff teammates. What I appreciated most was that she helped me to see that “the number“ doesn’t define us but it’s allows us to understand ourselves/each other more and to see where we are still able to allow the Lord to use us in each others’ lives, how we can complement each other as teammates, come alongside each other, and work well together. Most importantly, she reminded us that the Lord is still growing and developing us into who has made us to be.” – Emily Dodson, CRU Team Leader

“Shannon’s workshop not only enriched our team dynamic, it improved the effectiveness of our campus ministry! Learning about each other has enabled us to show more empathy and appreciation, communicate with more clarity and understanding, and relate to each other on a deeper level. I personally learned more about myself, what motivates me in life and how that affects my leadership. Nine weeks into the Fall semester, our team still references and applies the things we learned in the workshop!” – Eric St. Jean, CRU Team Leader

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