Guiding your journey of freedom and empowerment to flourish

Renee loves to explore and share the blessings that come with understanding the Enneagram.  She is especially passionate about guiding individuals on a journey that brings freedom and empowerment to those spaces where they may be stuck in reactivity, shame or feel disconnected from themselves and others. Renee has been coaching on various levels for over a decade, with individuals as well as teams. She is an experienced retreat director and presenter, and has coached numerous teams and leadership boards to identify and reach their goals.

“My passion and prayer for my clients is to gain the freedom to flourish.  There is nothing like journeying with an individual toward discovering a level of self-awareness that opens the pathway of transformation for them, from the inside out. Understanding the tool of the Enneagram can empower us to be more of who we were created to be and to find the freedom to flourish in ways we never imagined possible.”

Renee earned a Masters of Divinity Degree at Western Theological Seminary (Holland, MI).  She is a Certified Enneagram Coach (Your Enneagram Coach), with Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) and Marriage & Family Endorsements. Renee also delights in spending time with her family, exploring the sights, sounds and smells of creation, or curling up to read a good book and enjoy coffee with her dogs nearby.

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Renee is supportive and empathetic while gently encouraging me to see places of deeper insight and growth.  Working with Renee helped me overcome a disconnect between my beliefs and my actions, helping me gain further transformation and freedom in my relationships at home and at work.  Renee coached me to greater self-understanding while holding up a clear and Bible based picture of God’s design for my life and my ministry.  Renee’s caring and insightful approach, combined with her personal integrity and clear communication, enabled me to be more self-aware and take specific steps to become more of who God intended.

Michael MDiv, Th.M, DMin.: Type 9

Renee is a thoughtful and engaging coach. Her insightful questions help me to see myself, my actions, and values more clearly. Her authenticity and empathetic approach make space for me to share vulnerably and consider new and healthier ways of being. Renee’s coaching is grounded in Biblical truth and the assurance of God’s love and care for us as we cooperate with God’s work in and through us. In the midst of the growing pains of transformation, there is a safe space to process and reflect because of the grace Renee extends. Through this intentional coaching, I’ve moved toward greater understanding of myself and have begun to see the fruit of transformation in my relationships with my friends, family, and co-workers. Renee’s guiding insight has been a gift on the journey.

Jane, MDiv: Type 3

Individual , Group, Couple


Certified Enneagram Coach
Your Enneagram Coach

EIP and Marriage & Family Endorsements

Masters of Divinity
Western Theological Seminary