I bring my experience as a therapist, ministry leader, and Enneagram enthusiast to meet you wherever you are and journey with you toward your goals.

I wonder about you. I wonder what weight you carry, what has brought you to this page, and what your hopes are. I have worked with, served alongside, and spent time with many people in my own journey, and I am always curious. I believe you are special without even knowing you. You have something beautifully unique about you AND you share in some common experiences of what it means to be human. That’s a thing to wonder about! I’m glad you are here.

The Enneagram has been with me through quite a few seasons of my own growth and healing. I have/continue to gain insight into my own habits/patterns in relationship with myself, others, and God. I have seen the wounded parts of me with more clarity which has given me so much more awareness of how I can tangibly impact my own life for the better. I am endlessly delighted by the depth and surprise the Enneagram offers. This delight I offer you! It is a privilege to walk alongside you for even a part of your lifelong journey. I am an enthusiastic, compassionate, and intentional travel companion 🙂


Even before Nicole was an Enneagram Coach she was an enthusiastic supporter of the Enneagram and the way it offers compassionate ways to view others. She was able to walk with me through reflecting on my own personality and how it expresses itself through my Enneagram Type. – Emily V.

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MA in Counseling
Bachelor of Psychology/Religion
Certified Enneagram Coach
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