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Hi, I am Nici, a certified Enneagram Coach. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, I lived an adventure in Nashville, Tennessee, and now I am soaking up rays of sunshine in Lake Mary, Florida. I enjoy long walks on the beach, watching sports, reading mysteries, and learning new things.

I have always been interested in learning more about myself. I wanted to be better, do better. I always wanted to take the latest personality test. The tests usually confirmed what I already saw in myself. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to the Enneagram that I felt validated and accepted for who I am. The Enneagram offered levels of health that I found encouraging for growth. For me, God also used the Enneagram to show me how I am a beautiful piece of him, and through him, I could experience transformation.

I am a 6, known to be loyal, trustworthy, responsible, and skeptical. I know how anxiety feels, how your mind can run through multiple scenarios, and what it means to be insecure, but I am gaining peace, certainty, and confidence. Every day has become an opportunity to grow.

I would love to join you in your journey as your coach. A coach helps you see your talents and gifts and how to use them. A coach will not shame nor condemn you. A coach sees you and comes alongside you to help you. A coach is someone that champions the best you. I offer the same as an Enneagram Coach.

We will use the Enneagram to bring awareness to who you are and how you relate to those around you. You will have the opportunity to grow and see how it impacts your life, relationships, and work. Let’s do this together. This world needs the best you! What are you waiting for?


Nici is an open-minded, compassionate, and insightful person. She does a great job considering multiple perspectives, always gives the benefit of the doubt, and views things through the lens of grace. She’s someone you quickly feel safe sharing with because there’s not an ounce of judgement coming from her. Nici is trustworthy and someone you can rely on. – Colleen W.

Nici is a gracious, peaceful servant, and assisting others to understand themselves and thrive is the ideal complement to her authentic nature. I can’t dream of anyone else settling into this vocation more fluidly than her. When she began to study the enneagram, she found her love language and one to aid the world. I knew it wouldn’t take long before she enabled her family, friends, and community to prosper and grow. Simply, her gracefulness and heart are evident upon first impression. She’s intuitive, humble, and kind. She has patience when others need time to process and evolve. In doing so, she cultivates trust. I’ve experienced that firsthand and am personally excited to see others encounter it, also. – Carrie B.

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