At Her Virtuous Purpose we help women live in their while, discover their why, and maintain their thrive.

Hello and welcome! My name is Natalie and my virtuous purpose is to be a vessel for hope and inspiration. You are here because you’re ready to embark on an intentional soul transformation journey that will motivate you to take on your problems and get to your desired destination, where you will live a more flourishing life.

The journey will be rocky, smooth and or unpredictable at times; but as the driver, you have the options to pull over at a rest stop, pull off for a scenic rest, stop and smell the roses or just keep driving until you get there. I am your empathetic guide who will cheer you on as we decipher your provident life map that your Creator and Navigator has purposed for you.

I have been where you are and overcame and I am a now paying it forward as a Christian Professional Life, Mental Health, and Enneagram Coach who uses mostly Social Media and Blogging to help others overcome their problems.

My coaching specialty is Growth Mindset and Overcoming Brokenness, Anxiety, Fear/Imposter Syndrome, and Depression. I believe that with the right mindset, tools, and personalized coaching, we can overcome any obstacles and grow in our “while” instead of waiting for a “when”. I believe we all have a God given purpose and that the time is now to live our best lives.

My goal is to inspire women to live in their ‘while’ or right now. Regardless of how bad they think their situation is, there is a way to move forward. God sees your potential to live freely by turning your pain into purpose, mess into a message and triumph over trials.

I will hold you accountable for the goals that you will set for yourself. I will not let you settle, procrastinate, or quit on yourself or the lives you’ll inevitably transform with your progress.

My clients are anyone who is ready to grow their mindset, discover their Enneagram Main Type and core motivations, embrace their now, discover their why and maintain their thrive.

I hold a BA in Applied Psychology and possess the spiritual gifts of wisdom, discernment, empathy and problem solving.


“Her Virtuous Purpose is a truly down-to-earth and invaluable coaching practice. I went through a very difficult time in my life, when I was faced with major life changes in my family and finances. I found myself at a crossroads and I was unsure which path to choose. The relaxed conversations and comfortable space provided by Natalie Trotman at Her Virtuous Purpose Life Coaching gave actionable insights. She revealed aspects I hadn’t considered before. Her Life Coaching empowered me to make better choices and set the right course for my future. If you’re seeking a clear path through life’s changes, I highly recommend you give Natalie Trotman at Her Virtuous Purpose a call. She will help you get on track.”
D.T Dwyer, CT

“My coaching sessions with Natalie at Her Virtuous Purpose have been nothing but amazing! Speaking to her is like speaking to a friend or a very close family member! She has the ability to make you feel comfortable to be open and vulnerable.
Her support helped guide me to be more optimistic about this next chapter in my life.
Natalie is a very authentic person, she’s caring, spiritual, and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help to find their purpose in life and to achieve any lifetime goals.”
Lisa, GA

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BA in Applied Psychology