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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

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Coaching is something thing I’ve done naturally most of my life, and now I get to combine it with the enneagram. As an enneagram type 1 with a background in full-time ministry and business, guiding people how to discover their next steps and equipping teams to work better together are skills I have learned and lived for over 35 years.

Peaceable Heart Biblical Coaching is born from decades of marriage, ministry, parenting and business experience. Together, we can explore your career transitions, home educator frustrations, couple conundrums, or newlywed fears to accelerate your spiritual growth and become the healthiest version of the person God created you to be. As your guide, I will help you learn to apply God’s Word to your life whether you are leading at home, church, business or the infusion lab at the cancer center. The Holy Spirit wants to meet with you right where you are, give you peace and set you free!


Founder, Peaceable Heart: Biblical Coaching; Certified Enneagram Coach; Marriage & Family Endorsement; Certified Leading From Your Strengths & Positions Insights Coach; Home Education consultant; cancer survivor


Discover Your Type
Each of us have access to a full spectrum of actions and behaviors and we process information through the lens of our main type. Discovering or confirming your main type is the first step toward growth and freedom. 50 min session
Explore Your Type bundle
• Learn about your type and the predictable ways you are wired to respond to stress and security. • Increase self-awareness and alignment with the gospel on a deeper and more profound level • Accelerate transformation by learning to rely on God solely for true peace, joy and abundant life. Five 50 min sessions
Become Your Truest Self
• Dig deeper into the wealth of enneagram wisdom to become your healthiest and truest self in Christ. • Get unstuck as I guide and support you on your journey, acting as an effective sounding board, asking questions, providing resources and giving honest feedback. • The enneagram functions as a GPS to help you grow and a rumble strip to warn you when you are starting to veer off track. Five 50 min sessions
Individual Coaching Sessions
EXPLORE or BECOME sessions booked one at a time, 50 min sessions
Typing for Two
TYPING FOR TWO: Do you wish your spouse came with a handbook to understand how they tick and the best ways to resolve issues? A great first step to achieving that kind of insight is to DISCOVER your enneagram types together. One 90 min session
Invest in Your Marriage
Our ultimate package includes 10 coaching sessions to help you process and implement the wealth of opportunities you will experience in our eight session BECOMING US video series ($299 value included free!) • Learn specific skills for effective communication and resolving conflict with patience and grace • Notebook for your specific couple type provides a framework to apply to any challenge • A wonderful wedding or engagement gift that will set a couple you love up for Gospel centered application, compassion and deeper love for each other
Family Coaching
DISCOVER, EXPLORE and BECOME Family sessions with parents and teen or adult children can be custom designed for your needs. Schedule a free consultation call to discuss.
Got Questions?
Let’s chat! Book a free 20-30 min consultation call and ask away! Is the enneagram right for you? How does coaching accelerate growth? I’m happy to explain YEC’s three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs.

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I have been going through a lot of changes personally and professionally and have been searching for a Biblical approach to it all. I knew that I had a lot of mental blocks stopping me from moving forward, but wasn’t sure where to start. Nancy’s gracious, kind, and insightful approach to the Enneagram interrogates my old ways of thinking and negative self-talk to reveal a God-centered, deeply understanding approach to the way my brain works. Quite frankly, it’s changed the way I relate to and see myself and the way I interact with the world. I am so grateful! And I’m not even done with my sessions yet.   Sophia, type 2

I really tried to identify my enneagram type myself, but I couldn’t! I read a book, listened to podcasts, and took multiple tests, but I still felt like I was all the types. I spent an hour with Nancy and it was so easy to gain the clarity I lacked. I felt seen, validated, and valued and had the direction to explore more. Brittany, type 8

Nancy has the unique quality of being a Spirit-led pragmatic who understands how to speak the truth coupled with compassion and insight. Her ability to see a situation for what it is at its core enables her to apply God’s truth with precision and thrift. A meeting with Nancy always results in thoughtful conversation which translates into life change. Tasha, type 8

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