Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. ~ John C. Maxwell
I can help you discover the path to your true self using the enneagram. We will work together and find solutions that enable you to chose growth to become the person you were created to be.

My husband of 35 years, our two adult sons and daughter-in-law cheered me on in 2015 when I, at the age of 52, was clearly led by the Lord to go back to school for my master’s degree. Reluctantly, I began the program in 2016 and graduated in 2018. My reluctance was because I still held on to insecurities of feeling “not good enough”, “not – fill in the blank – enough” to succeed. The Lord in His faithfulness more than provided and showed me how those feelings I had were not at all who I was and the path to my growth and transformation began.

The enneagram became a huge part of my transformation. It helped me see the strong, capable woman I truly am. It also allowed me to put aside the false self I had created to help hide my insecurities for so long. I love how being an enneagram two falls so easily into line with the spiritual gifts God gave me. My desire is to help others discover their true selves along their paths as well.

I am passionate about helping clients identify their core desires, fears, and motivations so they can break free from limiting beliefs and live more authentically. Whether you are struggling with relationships, career issues, or just feeling stuck where you are, I will guide you in finding the solutions to overcome any obstacles so you find your way forward to reach your goals and live your most fulfilling life.


“The expert counsel my husband and I received from Melanie at True Path Solutions has equipped us with the skills to love, care, and respect each other’s needs. For example, asking my husband (a 5 on the enneagram) what he was feeling usually led to abbreviated answers. However, after learning to change the question to what he was thinking, my questions now sparked healthy and fulfilling conversations. We are truly grateful for what we are learning.”
S.Fisher, Yorktown VA

“Armaloo has always used the enneagram personality test upon new hires. As much help as it has been in our journey of growing as a small business, we didn’t fully know the depth of how it could be understood to amplify the synergy and growth of a healthy team. Melanie did just that. She was able to explain the nuance of this amazing tool and guide us in a way that equipped us with knowledge and practices of how to adopt these methods of truly understanding your employees. I would recommend Melanie to any organization that is struggling with a healthy culture or desires to understand their team or employees better!”
Austin Bouthillet
Executive V.P./COO

“Melanie helped me understand how I, an enneagram 6, and my husband, an enneagram 7, receive and give information. We can now work together to more effectively communicate with eath other. It’s a process and we are so thankful for her guidance .”
S. Fowler, Newport News, VA

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