As an Enneagram coach my goal is to help others understand the WHY behind their own behaviors and bring both clarity and guidance to any hardships they may be experiencing in life.

My name is Marty Desforges and I am a type 7 wing 6! I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and moved to Austin, Texas with my husband in 2021. I have been studying the enneagram since 2016 and have become a YEC Certified Enneagram coach! I have a masters degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology which is the study of human behavior in the workplace and I have worked in the recruiting and HR space for over 8 years. I have always been intrigued with all things “personality”. I have studied a variety of personality inventories and I can confidently say – nothing is as revealing and personal as the Enneagram.

The Enneagram provided me clarity on many reasons why I was sabotaging my own success and growth.  My passions center around helping others succeed in both their personal and professional lives, team building in workplaces or organizations, and coaching young adults.

I have recently partnered with two other YEC trained Enneagram coaches and we have created a new company called Work Coach. Our goal is to empower teams and leaders to help them become more self aware at home and in the workplace. We have created a brand new assessment that is rooted in the wisdom of the enneagram that highlights your assets and liabilities specifically at work.

Take our intelligence blend assessment today at: Work Coach and check out our coaching offerings!

You can also find more details about enneagram coaching on instagram at @workcoach & @enneagramcoachmarty

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