STEP OUT … into newness of purpose…transformation of relationships…an understanding of your inner world….the best version of you!

Hello! I’m so glad you’re interested in learning more about the Enneagram and life change. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, this can be a great season for personal growth!

Whether working on a church staff as a counselor, in music ministry, or as a piano instructor, what I’ve enjoyed the most is connecting with people on a personal level in a way that makes people feel understood and seen. I like to see below the surface of what’s going on in people’s lives, to come along side, listen and then share steps toward transformation.

There are many life challenges and changes that can come our way…relational difficulties, job/career losses, conflicts in ministry, health issues, broken families etc. etc. Perhaps you’ve experienced some of these things and are feeling a bit stuck, disappointed, unsatisfied…distant from God? If so, I hear you! I have been through relational loss and life challenges. When I invited people to come along beside me during that challenging season of soul searching, I learned how to grow into a healthy version of my Enneagram number by inviting God into the process and really digging deep. After discovering some of the layers of my type, including core weaknesses, longings, and fears, God met me. I grew into an understanding of who I was which gave me a greater realization of my identity in Christ and the gifts He gave me in order to bless others.

Understanding the Enneagram has the power to give YOU more self-awareness, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and others. If you choose to take this path of growth, God will transform yourself and your relationships and give you courage to pursue some dreams that may have been on hold. And…you may come to see that you have some God given gifts that have also been on hold.

You are gifted more than you realize!

Can you imagine what it would be like if you were able to use your gifts that come from the image of God in you, to make a difference in your family and your community?

There are great things in store for you! God will show up in your transformation and as a bonus…. give you new understanding, grace and empathy for those around you.

STEP OUT NOW into all the fullness and purpose that God has in store for you! I would be honored to be your coach.

Ok…. another part of me….
I’m into integrative health and wellness, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, music! skiing, travel, salted caramel, red cats, dancing, concerts, therapeutic hangouts i.e. used bookstores, nurseries, and some would label me an outright Anglophile.

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