The coach you need to help challenge you to grow and transform.

My passion is helping support people who seek to understand themselves and others in a more effective and meaningful way. I work with individuals, couples, and teams who are ready to expand beyond yesterday. The Enneagram changed my life. It gave me the permission I didn’t know I needed to show up as my true self. The more I’ve learned about the Enneagram and the more I’ve delved into this community, the more understood I’ve felt. I am committed to providing an open and inclusive environment where all people are invited to dig deeper and grow.

As an 8, I’m going to give it to you straight. And I will do it with compassion and support, with only your growth in mind. If you are ready to truly transform, I’m ready to walk alongside you and even get behind you and push a little. The journey is not always easy and I will challenge you along the way. And the laughter is guaranteed.

As the owner of Expand Coaching and Consulting, LLC, I draw upon my 12+ years of professional experiences in higher education, fostering learning and leadership development, as well as working in graduate school admissions and talent acquisition in Human Resources. I also utilize the listening skills and tools I learned during my masters degree in Counselor Education and undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have given countless presentations to small groups and served as a keynote speaker to hundreds, and love providing valuable information in a fun and entertaining way.

I currently live in Brunswick, Georgia. I am blessed to have been married for 12 years and love being outnumbered by my Type 3 redheaded husband and two ginger children. I love spending time outside, playing with the kids and our two Goldendoodles, and watching the newest binge-worthy shows with my husband.


“After one session with Libby I could feel a complete shift in what I thought the Enneagram could do. She was able to take the Enneagram in all of its glory and tailor make it to reveal layers of my personality that have been dormant. Our sessions equipped me with practical applications, guided short term goals and words of affirmation for each week. The Enneagram has wholeheartedly changed my inner dialogue as well as many relationships in my life, leading to greater understanding of myself as well as more empathy for others.” -Aimee (type 9)

“Libby nimbly coaches with the Enneagram, clearly navigating through how my type (4) relates and communicates best with others. She gave me significant suggestions to be conscious of in conversations and decision-making. Libby specifically pointed out some possible blind spots for me – that was crucial! She obviously enjoys helping others grow from learning more about the Enneagram and its truths. Libby is a naturally attentive listener, and integrated my responses and experiences into her coaching. She made me feel valued as not only a 4w5 but also as a multi-layered human being.” -Laura (type 4)

“I loved working with Libby! I was struggling with which number I am. Finding that I am a Five really validated my thoughts and feelings. The Enneagram has given me permission to research and share what I’ve learned. It has encouraged me to take care of myself and protect my time when I need to.” -Sherry (type 5)

“We felt extremely comfortable talking about our relationship and sharing our feelings with Libby. She is a great listener, very knowledgeable about all things Enneagram and helped us understand what motivates us individually so that we can succeed together. We highly recommend the couples coaching session for those seeking greater potential in themselves and in their relationship.” -Rob (type 7) and Schaefer (type 6)

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Individual, Group, Couple
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Certified Enneagram Coach
Masters in Counselor Education