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Leah Lee

Together we will discover how you engage the world and others around you! Knowing the WHY you think, feel and behave the way you do through the lens of your main Enneagram Type will allow yourself grace to release from stress and be drawn towards growth.


Business, Career, College, Diversity Awareness, Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, HR Development, Leadership Development, Marriage, Mental Health Professionals, Ministry, Non-Profit, Parenting, Pastoral Leadership, Team Building, Women, and Youth

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 3

More about Leah Lee

My name is Leah and I’m a proud Enneagram Type 3! I was born and raised in Seattle, WA where I continue to reside. I’m married to my husband of 20+ years and together we’re raising two incredible teenagers. We spend most of our time creating new projects, on the soccer side-line, and adoring our chocolate lab. The Enneagram has been a key tool in understanding myself, improving our marriage, and communicating with our teenage children in profound ways. I am a person of strong faith in Jesus, but I don’t just limit my clients to a Christian perspective. My greatest passion is connecting in meaningful conversation that will propel people into a life they can thrive in and providing guidance through the Enneagram gives me confidence of that transformation to happen, because I experienced that same transformation. I hope to meet you soon!


Certified YEC Enneagram Coach

YEC Endorsed in Enneagram Internal Profile Coaching

Over 25 years experience of leadership in church

Small business team building

Large event coordination

Public speaking


30-Minute Consultation
This no obligation Zoom meeting will give us a chance to see if I'm able to help you accomplish your desired goals for what's to come or simply have an expert to flush things out with.
Discovery Typing Session
Discovering your main Enneagram Type with an expert is the surest way to move forward in confidence on your Enneagram journey. Assessments are a great start, but not always conclusive. (20% discount offered when purchasing Six Session Package) *VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS*
1:1 Coaching Six Session Package
This package is for those who are ready to invest in doing concentrated work at an every or every-other week pace. I will provide material for each session with incredible information, visuals, and reflection questions to guide us through. These guide sheets are yours to keep and always have to refer back to at any time. I'm flexible and open to a pace that's right for you. Although we have a structure of sessions, it's a priority of mine to ensure we allow for conversation to happen naturally. *VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR MORE PAYMENT OPTIONS*
Scripture Guided Coaching
This package of six sessions is intended for those who are desiring to discover a deeper identity because of The Gospel. The Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) method is based off Beth & Jeff McCord's newest book "More Than Your Number" which teaches us if we are living as God's Beloved Child or from our Wounded Child. *MESSAGE ME FOR MORE DETAILS*
Discovery Typing Session - Couples & Family
This 90 min session is designed to discover the Enneagram together as a couple or family with youth 13+. One of the most important tools to having healthy, deep and connected relationships, especially within the home, is an understanding of how each person interprets the world. Learning a common language with the Enneagram can bring more compassion, patience, curiosity and depth to our loved ones. *MESSAGE ME FOR MORE DETAILS*
Professional Development Team Assessment Session
What would businesses look like if their employers and employees did more with the Enneagram than just take a test? The Enneagram is being utilized in large corporations and small businesses alike with credibility from publications such as FORBES, CNBC, Women's Health Magazine. *MESSAGE ME FOR MORE DETAILS*
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Live Event Teaching
Live Event Teaching could be a Professional Team Training, Church Workshop, Therapy Clinicians Teaching. *MESSAGE ME FOR MORE DETAILS*
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“Leah is personable, empathetic and easy to share with. I loved learning about my core motivations via the Enneagram. I was already aware of some of my motivations but it was specifically helpful to learn more about my core weakness and how to deal with stress in a helpful way instead of going back to old habits.”  – Tani S. (Individual Coaching)

“Thank you for sharing about the calling you have found in coaching/teaching through the enneagram! Learning my type was so influential on me for my Christian faith that I think you will be able to offer that to others as well”. – Raoul P. (Sr Associate Pastor)

“I think it’s a unique and insightful way to grow. Grow in your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses. Grow as a leader, spouse, parent. There is a greater understanding of self, others in your life and God. There are amazing things to gain!” – Kayla & Dan G. (Couples Coaching)

“Extremely satisfied! It was great to be able to do some self discovery. Not only was Leah very thorough with the explanations of the different types, she was more than willing to talk about other parts of my life. She offered very good/non biased advice on how to manage work, relationships, mental health etc. Leah is awesome and I would recommend her to anyone. It’s very clear how passionate she is and it radiates.” Thomas P. (Individual Coaching)

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