Seek, Tweak & Flourish! It’s time to discover, create and experience your powerful life!

Laura has a passion for people of all ages as they overcome challenges to experience more joy, peace, purpose and have a more powerful impact! She loves to continually learn and share her knowledge to better serve her clients in leadership, relationships, mindset, and wellness.

The Enneagram has helped Laura better understand herself providing awareness, clarity and confidence. This tool also helped her understand why others do what they do helping her to become a better mom, friend, coach, leader and employer. Using the enneagram is a continual game changer as we live our spiritual life on this earthly journey with others while living on mission!

Laura grew up in a military family (moving and dealing with change), was a competitive gymnast (overcoming fears and being stuck), graduated from the University of Tennessee in Exercise Physiology (appreciating the body as a whole and synergistic system), homeschooled her children from preschool to college (organizing, documenting and networking), managed and grew a gymnastics gym business with a large facility and over 30 employees for over 15 years (managing overwhelm, coaching mindset with athletes, educating parents, training leaders/managers, growing and selling a successful/impactful business), went through an 8 year divorce (managing emotions and relationships) and was a care taker for her father after her mother died (utilizing self care and healthy boundaries to better serve others).

Laura offers individual and group coaching, leadership training for businesses/sports teams, educational workshops and speaking engagements. She shares inspiration, tools, support, and accountability so others can optimize mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Laura’s “play” time is spent with her family and friends, walking on the beach, going on adventures, and worshiping/serving at Coastline Calvary Chapel (trinity based non denominational church). She graciously serves individuals and groups of other faiths and non-faith backgrounds.


Laura provided weekly leadership training to our top 10 most influential employees for 16 weeks. The tools and teachings were professional and applicable even though some employees were resistant at first. She helped us learn more about ourselves and each other so we know how to better appreciate and apply each others’ strengths to benefit each program and the business overall.
Our results included a more unified and mission driven staff, a more positive environment for our customers and our business is growing in numbers again.

Gemma feels that the sessions have helped her take more control of her performance during meets, and she’s now competing more like she practices. From my perspective, the sessions with Coach Laura have allowed Gemma to enjoy the sport again, and I cannot believe the huge impact they’ve had in such a short time! Before working with Coach Laura, Gemma was so nervous before and during meets, and it was hard to watch her struggle. Now, she radiates with joy while competing and having a blast. I’m so grateful and my heart is happy!
Lauren Rich (Gemma’s mom)

Virtual, In-Person
Individual, Group, Corporate, Retreat, Workshop
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


David Bayer Mindset Transformation Facilitator
Mindset Coach
Leadership Trainer
Health Coach
Exercise Physiologist