Guiding individuals, groups, and organizations to more fully grasp an understanding of who they are, what motivates them, and to identify ways to achieve better communication and understanding of self and others.

Dr. Kristy Donaldson brings over a decade of experience in counseling psychology, presenting, coaching, teaching graduate courses, and owning a private practice to her clients. She has multiple degrees, licensures, and certifications in areas of psychology, forensics, play therapy, animal-assisted counseling, enneagram, and Gottman Relationship coaching. Kristy has been learning more about herself through the enneagram for more than 5 years and became a YEC coach last year. She speaks, consults, and presents frequently on understanding the Enneagram and incorporates it into daily interactions in and out of the clinic. As a three on the enneagram herself, Kristy, is engaging, clear but kind, hardworking, and strives to achieve positive relationships with others.


“Kristy helped me to define my motivations and learn more about myself”

“She is able to provide clarity about the enneagram which helped me find which type I most identified with”

“I enjoyed working with Kristy and learning more about myself through the enneagram”

“I never expected the enneagram to be so spot on to who I am and Kristy was there to help me process my motivations”

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Individual, Group, Couple, Corporate, Workshop
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


PhD in Psychology