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Kristi Pulliam

I want to work with individuals, couples, and groups to find their God-given purpose within a framework of truth, love, creativity, and success.


Career, College, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Marriage, Non-Profit, Parenting, Team Building, Wellness, Women, and Youth

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 9

More about Kristi Pulliam

Kristi is a licensed Wellness (International Coaching Federation) and Enneagram Coach (Your Enneagram Coach) and loves to discuss what self-awareness, creativity, your unique place in God’s framework, and planning can mean for individuals and families. She directs several successful stage productions each year, harkening to her first love, “theatre-done-well”, a phrase she coined to describe a specific process of the collaborative art form. Her vision to create a nurturing atmosphere while aspiring to creative excellence succeeds because of the way she empowers other leaders under her tutelage.

Kristi’s love of people and the arts (specifically community theatre) drives her love of non-profit. Her early experience was in academia, teaching high school, then for 9 years on the university level at Crowley’s Ridge College and Arkansas State University. She has her Education degrees in Theatre, Communications, and Literature with a Masters in Theatre and Communications. Kristi registers 25 years of nonprofit work, culminating at The Foundation of Arts for Northeast Arkansas, serving as Executive and Artistic Director for 8 years. She currently still serves her community as Artistic Director and Consultant for The Foundation of Arts.

Currently, Kristi serves on the Downtown Jonesboro Alliance Board of Directors, and the Arkansas Arts Council Advisory Board. She is a certified Non-Profit Executive (through Development Systems International), a licensed International Coaching Foundation Executive Coach, and a certified yoga instructor.

Kristi looks forward to walking alongside other individuals, couples, and organizations, focused on helping them find the guidance and “oxygen” they need for their personal and professional mission to thrive.

With individuals and organizations, she helps executives, young adults, parents and teens to adjust their mindset, plans, and habits to create a life they call successful.

Kristi has been married to her husband, Kevin for 25 years and raised 6 “almost grown”, successful children who she adores.


Kristi is a licensed Coach through International Coach Federation (ICF), a Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE), through National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives, a certified in the Enneagram Spectrum Method licensed Enneagram Coach (Your Enneagram Coach) graduate with a Master of Arts in Theatre and Communications from Arkansas State University a certified secondary education teacher in theatre, communications, and literature in Arkansas a licensed yoga instructor through Aura Wellness a wife of 28 years and mother of 6 successful children


30-Minute Consultation
Our endorsed YEC certified coach will inform YEC's three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs.
Discovering You Sessions
Your coach will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.
Exploring You Sessions
There are five sessions in this series each with a customize Guide Sheet that your coach will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
Becoming Your Truest Self
After completing the Discovering and Exploring You sessions, your coach will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual).
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Seeing Your SPOTS
This is a 7-week journey to discover the keys to how God has been creating you from the time you were born through key Scenes in your life, your Passions, your opportunities, your natural Talents, and your Skills and Self-Definitions. You'll get the opportunity to continue your the journey by planning your next season with the knowledge you've gained.
Group Enneagram Coaching
Your organization or group can learn how to best work together to achieve your goals through understanding the Enneagram.
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Couples Coaching through the Enneagram
Work together to discover how you relate best. This is great for couples getting married or just married.
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“I’ve had the honor of working with Kristi Pulliam over the past 10 years in several theater productions… During that time, I’ve admired her creativity as an artist and her talent for bringing the best out of everyone. Kristi combines genuine compassion with an ability to communicate with anyone regardless of age and background. While her title during a theatre production may be “Director”, I consider Kristi to be a teacher who skillfully shares wisdom and inspiring lessons that create a wonderful sense of possibility in us all.”

Dr. Michael Bowman, professor at Arkansas State University

“Parents often need a trusted resource to help guide kids into the world of making decisions and filtering through options for the future. Sometimes amidst all the talk about chores, grades, and behavioral choices, the conversations between parent and child about specifics concerning academic/career paths are strained or shallow…at best. Parents need another trusted voice in the equation. Kristi spent time with me to learn what our expectations were, as well as to gain a better understanding of our daughter’s struggles and strengths. She also wanted to have a grasp of what options we were financially able to consider and encourage for post-high school study. After gaining a thorough understanding of our family and parental expectations, Kristi developed an individual relationship with our daughter by meeting with her and helping her define her interests and desires for the future. Together, they defined specific goals and outlined steps to achieve them. Regular meetings provided the necessary accountability to keep things moving forward. …Most importantly, it helped her to take ownership in her own future.”
Janea Spades, mom and Attorney at Law

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