Root yourself in your identity in Christ so that you can fulfill your God-given roles with clarity, freedom and joy.

My coaching approach involves the wholehearted person – mind, body and soul. God created us as complex and fascinating beings!

Through our sessions, we will journey together and discuss rhythms of communication, triggers and wholehearted responses, lies and replacing that with truth, cycles of emotions, how to create lasting change, and bringing your wholehearted self to every moment.

Married for 23 years with 4 boys (ages 13, 16, 18 and 20), I could define myself as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an employee, etc. But, at my core, I was still asking the question, “Who am I?” Unable to see my identity apart from those roles and relationships was frustratingly difficult until I discovered the Enneagram.

God used the Enneagram as a pivotal part of my spiritual and emotional journey. It opened my eyes to how God uniquely wired my personality and helped me to dig “below the surface” to understand why I thought, felt and did certain things. Using the Enneagram though the lens of the gospel helped me see for the first time who God created me to be and showed me how He provides all I need to live out the roles and relationships that He has given to me.

My passion is to walk alongside others who are on a similar journey. In individual coaching sessions, I will use the Enneagram hand-in-hand with the gospel to help you see and understand yourself, lean into the truth of God’s Word and develop healthier ways of relating to yourself, God and others.

Are you a business owner or manager and want to help your team become more unified, have better understanding of each others’ strengths and develop a common language for growth? Let’s chat about business leadership development training sessions. With degrees in Chemical Engineering and Accounting, I’ve spent years in the corporate environment working on teams and can lead your team through training to move them in a healthier direction.


Meeting with Kristen was helpful on many levels. Her coaching, with a focus on building self awareness and understanding motives, allowed me to become more thoughtful and brave with relationships at home and work. Sessions were tailored to my goals, thoughtfully presented, and centered on learning to live in a way authentic to the Creator’s purpose. If you are looking to tackle some specific objectives, feel stuck, or desire personal & relational growth, meeting with Kristen is the perfect first step! – Victoria, Type 2

Enneagram coaching has helped me discover and appreciate how God has “wired” me and has helped me see the world through my own unique personality. It has given me more compassion for the differences I have with others, especially those closest to me. This has allowed me to now pause and consider the way others see things, and not react as quickly. It has also given me more insight on my own shortfalls and strengths which has helped me to give and receive more freely according to others’ needs. – Dawn, Type 8

Looking for growth in both my personal and professional life, I had no idea what a blast coaching with Kristen would be!  Learning more about my Enneagram personality and in turn how that impacts my actions and reactions was not only enlightening, it was empowering.  To have actionable steps to take with others in my family and at work between sessions was incredibly encouraging, and Kristen was there along the way to hold me accountable if needed. Our meetings were spot on and so very helpful. I was able to look at my Enneagram number and common feelings and behaviors and then learn specific ways I can grow as well as have a better understanding of my interactions with others. I am so thankful for this opportunity — it was well worth the investment! Looking forward to the next session! – Amy, Type 2

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kristen for a group workshop! She walked us through a fun and insightful evening of discovering more about the qualities and uniqueness each of us has been created with. She had thoughtful and pointed questions to help us pinpoint characteristics if we were struggling to identify ourselves. I highly recommend having Kristen come for a group workshop or for individual coaching! – Cyndee, Type 1

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