Coaching Leaders to build thriving teams and satisfying lives.

For more than 30 years, as a senior leader in the government, I’ve been known as a visionary leader who can take charge, quickly make improvements, guide leaders to success, and get results.

I’ve had a reputation for building strong relationships with difficult people and for accomplishing projects in a fraction of the time it takes others because of how I nurture relationships in a way that people feel heard, known, and supported.

What people don’t know…. is that my greatest lessons and wisdom came from the school of hard knocks, through repeated relationship failures, and simply doing things WRONG! And doing them wrong in a big way (As a Type 8, I’ve lived by the motto “go big or go home!”).

I’ve seen how failure, my messy and painful experiences, have been my greatest teacher.

I’ve also seen how Jesus has been my greatest guide and source of grace on this journey.

One of the secrets to my personal success has been mastering the skill of owning my messes, learning from them, and then moving on.

Professionally, I’ve helped other leaders do the same.

What I know is that your failures aren’t permanent.

If you’re ready and willing to do the work, I can help you grow through your setbacks and failures in a productive and redemptive way.

Whether you’re a leader in an organization or a mom leading your family, you have potential beyond what you can see now, and together we can draw it out.

I know how to support you and help you embrace the influence you have, to lead others well.

If you care deeply about people, are willing to be introspective, willing to accept hard truths and do the work to expand your potential, then it would be an honor to support you.

If you want someone on your team who is an advocate and safe person to help you grow, I’ve got you.

My passion is to build strong leaders for our families and our world for such a time as this!

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