Hey friends!

Welcome! I’m Kim and  I’m so glad you’re here!

My Enneagram Story

I first learned about the Enneagram while attending a marriage retreat with my husband back in 2019.  I left the retreat with a basic knowledge of this incredible tool and a deep curiosity to dig deeper into who I was and why I do the things I do.  As I began to learn more about myself, I began to heal. As I learned more about my husband and kids, I began to understand them better and work on relationships. It gave me new insight of those around me creating more compassion towards others. It created a yearning in my heart to share the Enneagram and all that it has to offer, with anyone and everyone around me!

I became a Certified Enneagram Coach in February of 2022 and received my EIP (Enneagram Internal Profile) endorsement in January of 2023. I’m so excited to share my passion for the Enneagram with you and to help you find a better understanding of yourself, who God says you are and learn how to become who He created you to be!

A little about me

Before we start your Enneagram journey, here’s a few things I’d like to share about me:

  • I’ve been married to my hubby for 31 years and counting
  • I have 3 amazing adult, married children
  • I am learning how to love the empty nesting life
  • I have 3 adorable grandbabies and a 4th on the way
  • My husband and I  recently moved cross country in obedience to God and are actively searching for clarity in His plan for us

What now?

Taking the first steps in learning about yourself, through the Enneagram, can be both exciting and intimidating. As a Certified Enneagram Coach and founder of Grace and Growth Coaching, I am here to help you navigate through the process.  My prayer is that you approach it with a clear mind, an open heart and a willingness to dive deep into discovering who you are (your enneagram type), why you do the things you do (motives) and how to overcome your daily life challenges (growth). Book your FREE Consultation here!

Here’s to learning, growth, understanding and healing! I’m honored to be a part of your journey!


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