Imagine unlocking a deep sense of wellbeing, purpose, new energy and opportunities. Your presence and contributions matter. We help you open that door to a transformed life and career no matter your age or station.Start the journey to live your best days.

A little about me. I love to learn new things. I have a BA in Business and 30 years Human Resources experience with a focus on Culture Development. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years – there is power in our diversity. I am a Gallup certified CliftonStrengths coach as well as a certified Enneagram and EIP coach. I love the combination of strengths (how we do things) and the Enneagram (why we do what we do) as tools to help us grow in understanding of who we are and deepen our appreciation of the differences we each bring.

I have certificates in Soul Care from the Soul Care Institute and Western Theological Seminary.  Learning to care for my own soul has equipped me to encourage and develop others as they learn to discern the voice of their own heart. I continue to work with the Soul Care Institute as a host to new cohorts and serving as board chair.

I am committed to walking with people on their development journey, by helping identify what is possible and create a plan to convert possibility to reality. My goal is to encourage, develop and equip others to thrive in their every day life.

I love helping you see what is right about you and putting a plan together to develop and enhance your talents.
I am able to show you the big picture and potential places of integration
I am committed to doing things right and having a relationship built on trust.
I love meeting new people and hearing their story.
I love connecting people and resources for the greater good.

My experience, spiritual formation, faith and discernment leads me to join with executives, teams, individuals and students, as they engage in their personal journey of developing who they were designed to be.


“Katy’s training in strengths and soul care is the perfect combination to help clients discover their talents and follow their hearts.”
— Ilse K. Saewert, J.D., CDFA®, WMS, Vice President, Investments, Raymond James

“Katy has the ability to really see me. She is easy to talk to, listens intently and laughs frequently! Her intuition and wise questions have led me to my own introspection. She has been able to see my strengths, hear my dreams, and help me move forward with ideas and strategies to fulfill deep desires.”
— Melinda Carlson, Theology Department Chair, Vail Christian High School

“Katy is a friend and a trusted coach. With training in both the practices of spiritual formation and in Strengthsfinders, she provides insight that goes beyond the results of a test to real applications to one’s personal, spiritual, and vocational journey. She is a wise and winsome soul whose coaching will really change your life.”
— Chuck Degroat, PH.D.
, Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality
; Senior Fellow, Newbigin House of Studies
; Licensed Professional Counselor, MI.

“To be an effective strength coach and a soul care provider, (a wonderful combination to offer to others, by the way) you need a depth of relational experience as well as a foundation of excellent training. Katy uniquely has both. Her business experience and acumen coupled with her completion of the Soul Care Institute provides her with great depth that she will be able to offer to her clients. I can’t imagine coming away from a time with Katy not being pointed in the direction of health and transformation!”
— Joe Walters, Potter’s Inn; Executive Director of the Soul Care Institute


1992 BA – Business Administration
Calvin University
Certified YEC & EIP Coach
Your Enneagram Coach
2014 Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach
2017 Certified Soul Care Provider
Soul Care Institute