Jacksonville, North Carolina - United States

Kari Brink

Compassionately helping clients move forward and grow into the best version of themselves possible.


Career, College, Leadership Development, Marriage, Parenting, Pastoral Leadership, Team Building, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

More about Kari Brink

Kari and her husband, Erik, have been married for 27 years. They have two sons, 18 and 20. As an active duty military family they have gone through four international moves the past 12 years.  They understand that life is full of ups and downs that can be stressful on even the most committed of relationships. With a background in human development and education, Kari has homeschooled their boys off and on over the course of the past 14 years. With both of the boys now graduated from high school and starting college in the fall, Kari and her husband are preparing for the transition to the empty nest season of life.

Kari’s passion for coaching was ignited by her opportunities to help and encourage military spouses while on overseas duty assignments. She was the women’s ministry director for a large international church and started on a path to become more educated in counseling and life coaching. With a master’s degree and several years of coaching experience now under her belt it is her privilege to walk beside individuals and couples who desire to live a more healthy, growth-minded life. Her goal is to see all her clients live up to their fullest potential in whatever area they are seeking to grow. She understands that growth can be hard, even when someone wants it, and it is most effectively accomplished when accompanied by a guide who has life experience and the skill to guide meaningful conversations.

Kari is excited to add Enneagram coaching to her bag of tools. The depth of self-awareness that clients can achieve is astounding, and promotes healthy growth in all areas of life. Kari is available to coach couples, individuals and families.

When she isn’t coaching Kari loves to spend time with her guys, as quality time is her love language. She loves to travel, garden, read and take walks.


Master’s Degree in Counseling and Life-Coaching, Certified Enneagram Coach


One hour individual session
A one hour coaching session with Kari virtually or in person to learn about yourself, set goals for healthy growth and develop a plan for moving forward.
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Couple coaching session- 90 minutes
A ninety minute coaching session with Kari virtually or in person as a couple where you will discover more about each other, uncover why you do the things you do, and design a growth path for moving forward in a healthy and harmonious way.
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Discovering You Sessions
Your coach will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.
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Exploring You Sessions
There are five sessions in this series each with a customize Guide Sheet that your coach will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
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Becoming Your Truest Self
After completing the Discovering and Exploring You sessions, your coach will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual).
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Kari is a compassionate listener who has helped me sort through my life and make decisions and changes for the better. -Female 32

As a coach Kari has listened to my stories and helped me process and move forward from some sad and frustrating experiences. I have been able to learn new ways of thinking about things and am happy to say my life is on a growth path now! -Female, 22

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