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Kara Rasmussen

Guiding you towards deeper understanding and connection with yourself and others.


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 6

More about Kara Rasmussen

I am a Certified Enneagram Coach, with a background in Social Work. My passion is to create safe spaces for people to explore who they are so they can have healthier relationships with themselves and others.

I guide from a deeply personal place as the Enneagram has been a transforming tool of growth in my own life. It has deepened my self-compassion and understanding of who I am and what I bring to the world. It has strengthened my marriage to my husband of 20 years by giving us common language to better understand one another. It has enhanced my relationship to my three teenagers (13, 15, 18) by helping me to have grace and understanding in parenting. It has taught me to be a more compassionate and loving neighbor friend, daughter, spouse, parent, and Coach.

It would be my honor to come alongside you on this journey of discovery. 

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B.A. Social Work (Bethel University), Certified Enneagram Coach, Certified Prepare/Enrich Marriage/Pre-marital Facilitator


25-Minute Consultation - FREE
25-minute phone or video sessions designed for us to meet, learn about the Enneagram Coaching process, and answer your questions.
Discovering You Session
One-hour sessions designed to help you learn some of the basics of the Enneagram and begin to discover your main Enneagram type.
Exploring You Sessions
Five one-hour sessions designed to help you dive deeper into the exploring who you are and your Enneagram type. Using customized guide sheets, we cover topics including your type’s core motivations, wings, stress and growth paths, instinctual subtypes, childhood messages and more. These sessions are not intended to be stand alone sessions, rather encouraged to be a part of a 5-session bundle. You may pay for each session as you go or pay for all 5 sessions up front at a discounted rate of $325 (a $50 savings).
Becoming You Sessions
One-hour sessions designed for those who have known their Type for sometime or who have completed the Exploring You bundle. These sessions are customized to fit your needs as you continue your journey with the Enneagram and begin apply what you learn into your everyday life and relationships. You may chose to schedule one or multiple sessions. Discount rates offered for multiple sessions.
Couples Together Sessions
90-minute sessions designed for married or engaged couples who want to grow together using framework of the Enneagram. Sessions are customized to fit each couples' needs and desires for growth. Topics may include, discovering each of your main Enneagram types, relationship stances, instinctual subtypes, stress and growth paths, conflict and communication styles, and more. You may chose to schedule one or multiple sessions. I offer a 6-session bundle for $675 (a $75 savings).
Team Sessions
Designed to introduce small teams of people (work teams, church staff, community groups, and more) to the Enneagram. Sessions are customized to fit your team's unique needs and desires for growth. You may book one or multiple sessions.
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The Enneagram for Personal, Relational and Spiritual Growth
This 7-week class is designed to help small groups of people discover how the Enneagram can be a framework to help you grow individually, as well as in your relationship with God and others. I would love to bring this class to your church or faith-based organization.
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Enneagram for Couples Night Out
Two-hour sessions designed for 4 or 5 couples to learn how the Enneagram can be a tool for strengthening relationships. These sessions are in-person with a fun, relaxed, date-night feel. My husband and I share firsthand examples from our own marriage. Enneagram for Couples Night Outs are offered a few times a year OR you can book an Enneagram for Couples Night Out with your friend group, church small group, neighbors, or family on a specific date and time that works best for you and your group.
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  • I have been so changed by the work Kara did with me in our Enneagram sessions together Learning “my number” and what it all entailed opened my eyes to myself in a way I never saw, understood or even realize. She helped me unlock the pieces within me I misunderstood into now helping me live out a healthier life. This has been an amazing journey of discovery & healing that is moving me forward. I am forever grateful to Kara.The best investment I made in myself yet.  -Elizabeth
  • I completely enjoyed the 5 sessions of Enneagram coaching I did with Kara. Kara does a great job of explaining many pieces involved in Enneagram analysis. She listens and helps guide the journey of getting to know yourself and your behaviors better. I’m grateful to have a better understanding of self and how I can keep working towards personal growth. Definitely would recommend! -Sarah
  • The older I get, the more I realize how important self-awareness is in my relationship with others – my family, my friends, my co-workers. My Discover You session with Kara helped me identify my Enneagram number and recognize how that number drives my motivations, reactions and interactions with those around me. Kara broke down my number for me in relatable ways to help me better understand myself and how my Enneagram number reflects on my life. I’m a big believer in self care and self discovery, and this session with Kara was an easy and helpful way for me to do just that.  -Kerry
  • Kara did a great job leading our staff team of 6 through a 3 week exposure to the Enneagram. She met with me before hand to discuss my goals as the leader and understand the particular needs of our team. Having experienced her facilitating before, I knew her passion would help us grow in understanding and empathy toward one another as we collaborate professionally. Her preparation, communication and facilitation did just that. She is personable in her presenting, thorough in her explanations, and eager to honor each person in their unique design. Our team appreciated her own vulnerability as she invited us to be vulnerable to the degree we were comfortable as well.  I highly recommend partnering with Kara as an Enneagram Coach. After only 3 sessions we already share a new language that helps us continue conversations and lean toward one another. -Heid

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