It is a sacred and beautiful journey to explore and guide you in better knowing and connecting with yourself and others. I love using the lens of the Enneagram to bring clarity, understanding, and growth.

I am a Certified Enneagram Coach with a background in teaching, living and working cross-culturally, and leadership development.

One of my favorite things as a teacher is seeing the moment of “aha” or understanding in a student. Their eyes light up and something clicks and makes sense. To me, this is a great analogy of the Enneagram in my own life as I experienced those insights for myself, about myself, it has helped me have a better understanding of who I am, why I do what I do, and how I relate to the people around me. I know the impact it has made on me and in my life. That is now the passion that drives me to help others experience the journey for themselves and walk alongside them as they discover their own “aha” moments!

As I look back on my path, I realize that I have been privileged to have a wide variety of experiences that have both challenged and shaped me: I have been a working mom and a stay-at-home- mom; I have worked in a family business and for employers; I have homeschooled and worked as a teacher in both public and private education; I have been a pastor’s wife, a missionary, and a ministry director; I have lived in several states and countries. In addition, I have been married to my husband, Dwayne, for 31 years and together we have raised four children, two sons who are young adults, a daughter in university, and a son in middle school. All that to say, I can now see myself more clearly, even in hindsight, and that ability now makes it easier to live in the present and move forward into the future.

I enjoy being creative in the kitchen, experimenting with new foods and flavors, and gathering people around a table. I love to play piano and sing because music is the language of my heart. I enjoy being out in nature for hikes, bike rides, or watching the sunrise and sunset.

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Individual, Group, Couple, Workshop
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Certified Enneagram Coach
Certified in COACH method
Masters in Organizational Leadership
Bachelor in Secondary Education