Helping you discover your inside story through the lens of the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a doorway that can introduce you to the most important person in your life, YOU!

Jill Solomon Wise is a creative that has made a living studying people through various mediums of art. She’s an interior designer, photographer, and an artist. Wise has worked with people where they are the most vulnerable, in their homes, and in front of her camera. Jill has a knack for making the uncomfortable comfortable and even fun. She is a constant seeker (a true enneagram 4), who fell in love with the enneagram and in doing so consequently, fell in love with herself. A five year journey of learning and growing lead her to become a Certified Enneagram Coach. She is passionate about teaching others how to learn about and love themselves more graciously.


I learned more about myself than I have ever known, in a one day workshop. Jill made learning fun, even the hard parts!
Jill H. Enneagram 6

My daughter and I had the most amazing opportunity to do a one day workshop with Jill. It was such a great experience to “see” each other and our personalities more clearly. It is a compass that will help us navigate our relationship from here on out.
Kelly R. Enneagram 9

Working with Jill was a pure joy! She helped me clarify so much in my daily life that had me questioning, am I doomed to repeating the same behaviors over and over. The best bonus out of my sessions is that I understand my husband better than ever.
Robyn H. Enneagram 3

I was depressed, lonely, and lacking motivation. I was skeptical about the enneagram but I found Jill through a friend of a friend. I am so glad I did. Together, we untangled years of messaging that I now know isn’t truth. I can hear Jill’s voice nudging me to not listen to the negative inner voice when it berates me.
Michelle H. Enneagram 1

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