Helping you discover your God-given personality and understanding how to be who God created you to be. I use the enneagram as a tool to reveal strengths/weaknesses, as well as giving you tangible/understandable paths for growth, change, and fulfillment.

Since dedicating my life to serving God as a college student over 30 years ago, I have been actively involved in ministry. I spent 15 years homeschooling my 3 daughters in the midst of active ministry. Currently I am a pastor at my local church, largely involved in women’s ministry and together with my husband we oversee marriage ministry. People are what I have lived my life for! Helping them become founded in the Word, solid in their faith, and understanding of who they are in Christ.

I have a Masters in Practical Ministry and am a certified enneagram coach through Your Enneagram Coach. In addition to ministry life, I have been a licensed real estate agent since 2006.

Many years ago I was interested in personality typing. It was so helpful in understanding myself, my husband, my family, and those I was working with. But, in 2018 I discovered the enneagram and it has transformed me. It has been so helpful for my personal growth that I just couldn’t wait to begin helping others be transformed in real and tangible ways. I no longer just saw who I was, I saw how I could grow and become even more of who God created me to be. It helped me not just be content with my personality style, but to really want to leverage that and strive for the best of who I could be.

My desire is to help people become vividly aware of how God created them and then use that understanding for growth, change, and victory! This will also enable them to work with the people around them, whether family life, ministry life, or professional life. I am passionate about helping individuals and I am passionate about helping small businesses or people that work in teams (whether professionally or on a volunteer basis).


We are a small business with 5 employees. As you can imagine, working in a small environment with different personalities can be challenging. We had Jilann come and teach us about the Enneagram which really helped us to learn to communicate better together as a staff. We had a great time learning as well as having fun in the process. I would highly recommend this for any team building for any business. – Corrinne, Enneagram 1

Working with Jilann as she coached me through exploring my type has been helpful in understanding why I’m responding the way I am in current situations and also clarifying the ways I’m growing. She was able to ask the right questions and pick up on patterns I was missing on my own. I was able to meet the goals I had set at the beginning of coaching and am noticing the difference in my work and relationships. – Tammy, Enneagram 5

In 2021 I had the privilege of starting the enneagram journey with Jilann. Jilann’s guidance, knowledge and intuition helped me uncover my core needs and set me on a path of refreshed personal growth and purpose. – Monica, Enneagram 6

Jilann has been an amazing Enneagram coach. Each week I would leave thinking “hmm, none of that sounds like me, I don’t have that happening in my life” but throughout the week I would experience exactly what we had talked about in our coaching session. In my search for “peace” I have put my needs and dreams aside thinking that it is ok because it brings “peace” but now I know that it really does not bring “peace” and Jilann has helped me to see that and encouraged me to test it. There is hope! I can move forward toward the healthy side of my Enneagram type, aligned and living as God’s beloved. I feel more confident in myself and in my relationship with Jesus. – Kelli, Enneagram 9

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