Bringing peace, clarity, and wholeness to your personal and relational life as you improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness and cultivate healthy responses to what’s been holding you back from being the person you were created to be.

As a certified Enneagram, personal development, and relationship coach, I specialize in bringing understanding, healing, wholeness, and peace to those who struggle with brokenness, emotional triggers and strongholds, addictions, negative self-image, and fractured relationships. I utilize the Enneagram tool to help my clients understand who they were created to be in God’s image so that they can live out His greatest desire to love Him by genuinely loving our neighbors as we finally love ourselves. (Matthew 22:37-40).

For the last 23 years, I have served in pastoral ministry as a senior pastor and family and youth pastor in churches in Oregon and Northwest Kansas as an ordained pastor in the Church of God (Anderson, IN). In these roles I have provided leadership and pastoral care, coaching, and counseling to youth, families, men, women, and couples in addition to teaching, discipleship, and leadership development. Throughout my ministry, I have found God calling me to ministries and churches who are broken and oftentimes forgotten. Through God’s leading and direction, I have been able to facilitate healing and restoration to these organizations through coaching, discipleship, conflict resolution, and team development. The Enneagram tool has been a wonderful addition to my ministry, as it provides churches and organizations a common language to understand each other’s core fears, desires, weaknesses, longings, and strengths.

Throughout my time in ministry, I have served in various leadership capacities in the Church of God including as coach and facilitator of the SHAPE (Sustaining Health and Pastoral Excellence) program and chairperson of the State of Kansas licensing and ordination process. Just recently, I was selected as the President of our Ministerial Alliance in our Western Kansas community.

As an avid sports fan, I have had the privilege to coach my children’s basketball teams and our High School Girls’ basketball team. I enjoy supporting our local youth and college activities including mentoring students, speaking at our local Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization, leading high school book or bible studies at our home, and attending their activities. I am passionate about developing the next generation of leaders in our region while also investing in wholeness and healing in families and marriages.

My wife, LeAnn, and I have been married for 18 years and have two teenage children, Caden and Morgan. The Enneagram tool has provided me with a deeper understanding of myself, my wife, and children, enabling me to be a better husband and dad to the ones I love the most.


At 39 years old, I found myself in the midst of an identity crisis. If I’m being honest, I’m not sure I had ever really had a chance to explore the core of who I was as a person. I spent my life adapting to the challenges put in front of me–daughter of an alcoholic parent, product of a broken home, wife at 19, mother of three by 27, caretaker to a severely disabled child, and ultimately a bereaved parent of that child at age 39. I created and adopted a false identity based on how others perceived me, and I found my worth in the responsibility of duty and doing the right thing. When my daughter died, the house of cards I had built came crashing down. The most God-honoring responsibility I had and someone I had given 17 years of my life to was gone, and I quickly discovered how little I understood about who I was as a person.

As a teen, I struggled with unhealthy coping mechanisms which followed me into adulthood and was diagnosed with crippling depression in my early 30’s. Even with the help of a doctor, I still felt like there was something locked up inside of me. I wanted to get to the root of who I was and answer the questions of why I feel the things I feel and why I do the things I do. Confronted with the fact that my identity had been manufactured, I wanted to find me….. the real me. I started reading books and I prayed a lot. As a Christian, I knew my spiritual identity lies in Christ and that I am fully-known and fully-loved by God. Getting to the root of who I am as a human being was a journey I wanted to share with Him in the hopes that whatever was discovered would ultimately be to His glory.

Not long after, I connected with Jerod on what would end up being a life-changing adventure. Jerod introduced me to the Enneagram and started the process by helping me determine my type. He then patiently worked with me as we tackled each lesson looking at my past, working on my present and planning my future success. What I love about the Enneagram is not only the in-depth information it affirms about me but all of the practical applications it provides. I now have the tools to recognize when I’m heading to a place of misalignment. I can spot the warnings, and I can change course, avoiding the unhealthy coping mechanisms that have plagued me most of my life and replacing them with productive solutions. I understand why I think, feel, and do things with so much more clarity. I’m able to better understand relationships in my life and how to work productively with others who don’t do things as I would. It’s really changed my whole way of thinking and reacting. I appreciated having Jerod’s pastoral experience and spiritual discernment as part of the program. It made the journey through some of the tougher questions easier to get through because he was there without judgment and eager to partner with me in prayer. He’s kind, receptive, compassionate, and truly wants to help you succeed in all areas of your life. You won’t regret working with him, he’s amazing! — Nikki (Type 1)

My fiancé and I were vaguely familiar with the Enneagram. We generally knew our types but struggled to understand how to learn to apply that knowledge in improving our relationship. We were lucky enough to find Jerod online. Jerod has literally changed our lives. He calmly and thoroughly walks you through your patterns and why’s so that you can be more cognizant of your own behaviors and reactions. He has taught us to slow down and think through the lense of your partner at times. We have found that the more we incorporate Jerod’s teachings, the better our relationship has gotten. We are now stronger than ever and actually understand each other better on many levels. We would recommend Jerod without hesitation. — Chris (Type 8)

It was several months ago when my fiancé and I were considering parting ways. We knew we needed someone that could guide us to clarity. Then we found Jerod through an Enneagram website which I had never heard of before. It was a bonus that his guidance was fused with prayer and the word of God. This is important for us.

As we began this journey together with Jerod our personality traits were solidified through the enneagram system. It opened up a new way of seeing ourselves and each other. The guidance we received with Jerod is truly one of the main reasons My fiancé and I are evolving. He has always been incredibly honest with his feedback. We were honest with how we were feeling with ourselves and with each other,

I will add this process of peeling back the layers is not for the faint of heart or the weak. It is for every soul who is ready to get out of their comfort zone to live their lives in a healthy, vibrant way to tear down the fears and anxieties that we create in our lives. Our story is unique to us as yours is to your life. The common denominator is we all want peace in our lives and this begins with us as individuals.

We were at a crossroads with only a mustard seed of hope and the wanting. It is today and possibly for the remainder of this lifetime our commitment to ourselves and each other will forever be a work in progress.
Love we have learned through our  efforts is an action word. Life and our love for ourselves and all human beings should be lived in constant motion within the body, in the mind and the evolution of the soul.
Today we are stronger than ever. It took a lot of patience, love and reflection. It is worth the effort to trust the process. Learn to trust yourself through understanding your personality type via the enneagram system and I would highly recommend that you seek out Jerod Brown for guidance to hold the space for your growth.
Your life can’t  help but change for the better. You’re worth it! — Christina (Type 6)
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