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Jay Hidalgo

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Business, Career, Executive Training, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Non-Profit, and Team Building

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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 6

More about Jay Hidalgo

Jay Hidalgo serves as a business and leadership coach, helping executives at businesses, non-profit organizations, and ministries grow their organizations, improve operational efficiency and reach their markets. His approach is straightforward: Define the current state; identify goals and objectives; then create and implement the right strategic process and framework to get there.

Prior to launching his coaching practice, he was the Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Annuitas, a firm that helps companies maximize their return on sales and marketing investment. He was a frequent speaker, trainer and facilitator at various conferences and seminars about lead generation and lead management and was recognized as a thought leader in the industry.

Prior to Annuitas, Hidalgo was managing partner at Hidalgo & DeVries, a marketing research & strategy firm. In this role, Hidalgo was responsible for the overall sales of the company, client management and development of new practice areas. While in this role, he developed a closed-loop lead development and management program which he delivered to various clients including American Seating, Herman Miller and PPOM (a division of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan).

Throughout his career, he’s had the privilege to coach and consult companies such as Herman Miller, Michelin, Eloqua (now part of Oracle), Ariba, General Motors, Medtronic, NCR, Harte-Hanks, Toshiba, Rubbermaid, Act-On Software, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Haworth, and Pitney Bowes.


YEC Certified, Five Capitals Certified Coach


Complimentary Enneagram Coaching Discovery Conversation
60 minute conversation to help determine core issues, and to give you a feel for how I approach a coaching conversation.
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Enneagram Team Coaching
After an initial Enneagram typing assessment, our team will conduct a series of workshops to help participants understand the Enneagram, their Enneagram type, and how they can leverage the Enneagram to foster positive team dynamics and interaction.
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Executive Coaching including the Enneagram
I work with executives at enterprise sized companies, mid-market firms, non-profits and ministry organizations. Using a simple yet effective framework, I help them and their teams grow in leadership skills and competence. The basic framework is as follows…-Observe a variety of perspective points to help gain clarity on the current situation -Understand and define both professional and/or personal goals -Discover how they’re “wired”: how they think, how they process, what their strengths are, etc. -Help them create an action plan with specific goals and action steps -Develop a framework/process for ongoing feedback, and making future decisions -Establish regular rhythm and predictable patterns to keep them accountable on all of the above
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StratOp Strategic Planning
StratOp is a strategic and operating process created by Tom Paterson over 40 years ago. It is based on the Paterson Process. The Paterson Process approaches strategic planning through 6 distinct phases, and is led by Jay Hidalgo, a certified StratOp facilitator. The result is a comprehensive strategic and operational process that leads to growth and effectiveness.
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Life Planning
In the broadest sense, life planning (some might call it life coaching) helps a person identify their goals and develop a plan. A life plan facilitator helps clients create strategies, get motivated, and stay accountable. Life planners are not to be confused with financial advisors, retirement planners, or therapists.
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“As the Executive Director of a global non-profit ministry, it’s been extremely valuable to have Jay as a Leadership Coach. Since July 2017. I’ve found Jay’s straightforward approach beneficial, inspiring, and rewarding. He’s helped me identify key performance gaps, create plans for improvement, and implement lasting change. Personally, I admire Jay for his generous, caring heart and dedication to relationships. He truly cares about the individuals he coaches and wants his clients to flourish in all aspects and areas of his/her lives.” – Cindy Bultema, Executive Director – GEMS Girls Clubs

“Working with Jay for the past year has brought our team to a new level! He’s enabled us to dig deeper, ask tough questions, critique ourselves and find positive ways to communicate and work better with each other. I was hesitant to give my all to coaching and the program, however I am so glad that I did. Jay has a relatable approach and he makes the time spent with him learning so fun!” – Hayley Woodworth, Team Leader – Michigan Mortgage

“Jay has been instrumental in guiding our leadership team, and our business, through the process of identifying who we are organizationally and what it will take to achieve sustainable revenue growth moving forward. He built instant rapport with all of us right from the beginning and truly cares about the future success of our business. Jay delivers a wealth of knowledge, credibility and discipline to our business planning process. Please reach out directly to me if you would like to learn more about our very positive experience with Jay Hidalgo.” – Bill Castleberry, President – Burco, Inc.

“I have been working with Jay over the last several years and I have seen tremendous progress in my business and personal life. I highly recommend Jay as a coach. If you are looking to grow and be challenged, Jay is your guy. It is hard to image Jay’s input not in my life. I have referred him several people and have seen personal growth in them as well.” – Shawn White, Senior Planner – Rogan and Associates

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