Change is inevitable … Growth is optional John Maxwell Initiate change and growth in your life and relationships by exploring your unique motivations, defense mechanisms, and coping strategies.

I love to do puzzles. There is something so challenging and yet satisfying about looking at all the individual pieces, and then putting them together and seeing the whole picture. The Enneagram is a valuable tool that helps us understand and put together all our pieces, who we are, why we act as we do, and who we can become to create the beautiful picture of our lives.

I am passionate about helping people who seek to understand themselves and others, in a more effective and meaningful way, using the Enneagram.

I worked in Human Resources, and then became the Registrar for an International Television School. One of my responsibilities as Registrar was to teach International Students team building, through the use of personality typing. I had the opportunity to teach and implement team building skills internationally. Watching students grasp the concepts of personality typing was amazing, but I wish I had this Enneagram training to facilitate their growth even more, as it would have helped them identify their strengths, purposes, values, core challenges and setbacks, so they could have overcome them with more confidence and moved toward embracing who they were designed to be individually and as part of a team.

I am married 45 years to my husband, a retired Principal, he is an enneagram 5. We have 3 grown sons and 2 wonderful Daughters-in-law.We have a very lively, fun, family full of Enneagram 7 and 8’s so life is full of strong personalities. I have 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 14. Time together as a family is always very boisterous and fun.

I look forward to working with individuals, students, couples, and families who are ready to expand beyond yesterday. I am committed to providing an open and inclusive environment where all people are invited to dig deeper and discover more about themselves.


Janet provided the insight I needed, to understand how the Enneagram clearly pinpoints my exact personality type.
Her knowledge led me to find a deeper connection to understanding myself and how I relate with others.
Janet offered an exciting and enlightened opportunity to discover my detailed personality traits and how to accept myself as God intended.
She is an absolute delight to work with and provides an engaging and compassionate experience.

Janet is very easy to work with. She cares deeply about each individual and she is so happy to help people walk through the journey of discovering who they are meant to be.

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Certified Enneagram Coach