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Janet Howard

The world needs who YOU WERE CREATED to be. It's time to find your voice, make sense of your thoughts, and embrace the next step. The next chapter of your life is waiting for you. You were made for more.


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

More about Janet Howard

My name is Janet, an Enneagram Type 1, a Certified Enneagram Coach, and the owner of The Kingdom Compass. As a follower of Christ and seeker of truth, I’ve spent the better part of my adult years in the pursuit of knowledge for a deeper understanding of people and why God made us the way he did. Thus, personality styles, psychology, body language, and human behavior have always been of great interest to me. In late 2019, I stumbled upon the Enneagram. I was fascinated. This typology incorporates all of the things that have captivated me for so many years. Little did I know how life-changing it was going to be.

The Enneagram reveals how each person thinks, feels, and interacts with the world in their own unique way. I place value on systems that keep people out of a box and allows them to live authentically as the unique person God created them to be. After many months pouring over books and listening to podcasts to learn about the Enneagram, I was feeling compelled to finally figure out my Enneagram Type. One afternoon, while pulling weeds in my garden, I was listening intently to a book on tape. When I heard them describe the Enneagram Type 1, I was stunned. I sat back into the dirt and just listened. I felt seen and understood; vulnerable and accepted; flawed yet loved. After a lifetime pursuit, the internal workings of my mind were starting to make sense, all due to God using the Enneagram to reveal how I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been aware of a longing. It was in a place deep inside me, locked away, that held the joy, passion, purpose, and connection I longed for, but I had no key to open it. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you know there’s something more, something you were made to do, something you’ve been fervently seeking to find, but “it” seems to elude you at every turn. This pursuit took a toll on my life, my dreams, my hopes, and my relationships. After many years, I was stuck and my internal GPS to lead me to that place was broken. This may seem exaggerated, but the truth is, God used the Enneagram with a biblical view as a “key” to unlock that place deep inside me. It’s that place where I found my true self and I was finally not afraid to be who God created and called me to be.

I invite you to allow the transformational power of the Gospel Message of Christ and the tools of the Enneagram to be a compass to guide you to truth, joy, freedom, connection, and purpose for God’s Kingdom. Contact me for a free consultation. Let’s explore whether The Kingdom Compass Enneagram Coaching is right for you. God really does know the hope and future that He has planned for you. You were created for more. You are worth it. You are not alone.



Your Enneagram Coach Certifications

  • Enneagram Coach
  • Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) Endorsed

American Association of Christian Counselors Certifications

  • Mental Health Coach with emphasis on complicated grief, loss, and suicide
  • Hope Coach
  • Spiritual Formation Coach
  • Life Coach


  • Journey of Grace, Board Member
  • Local community Mental Health First Responder


Get a sneak peek into the Enneagram and how it can provide life-changing value to you and those you do life with. Schedule your FREE 20-minute video-chat consultation to see if The Kingdom Compass Enneagram Coaching is a right fit for you.
Discovering your Enneagram Type is the strategic foundation to your success in applying the Enneagram to your life. During this 60-minute session, you will be guided toward the discovery of your Enneagram Type. In addition, you will gain a basic understanding of how you can use the Enneagram's unique tools to help you grow and implement lasting change in your life.
The "EXPLORING YOUR TYPE" series is designed to lead you through your Enneagram Type and discover not only what you do, but why you do it. Understanding that no two people are alike, the series includes (5) 1-hour sessions, each with a customized Guide Sheet for your individual Enneagram type so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed. Each session teaches you about the many facets of your Enneagram type and how it applies to you specifically, taking into consideration your own, unique, life experiences. You will gain a practical understanding of not only what you do, but WHY you do it, and understand how you view the world and interact through your emotions, thoughts, and actions. You will learn to recognize when you're off track and how to make adjustments to realign yourself with the Gospel. As you grow and implement the Enneagram with a biblical view, you'll understand what it means to have freedom, clarity, purpose, and connection in the fullness of who God created you to be.
Renewing of your mind means interpreting life through the lens of God’s Word and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, rather than through the lens of your experience, woundedness, preferences, or the opinions of others. These 1-hour sessions are designed for you based on the specific areas of your life where you need to take on the mind of Christ that brings growth and transformation. In addition to the Enneagram, you will be given practical tools, techniques, and resources that will help support you on your journey towards your goals, finding truth, and to living authentically. These sessions will rely heavily on the Word of God and other biblically based supporting reading materials.
Many MLM and Direct Sales Associates quit before even getting started because they hit a wall, get stuck, struggle with imposter syndrome which ends in negative self-talk, disappointment, and regret. YOU have NOT failed. The KEY to unlock your success is YOU. You were created to be a living expression of God's heart towards people. People are wanting what only you can offer and that's you living in the fullness of who God created you to be. The Enneagram can help you connect with people in a unique, authentic, and powerful way. Through understanding your Enneagram Type, you can learn how to recognize your self-sabotaging behaviors then adjust moving towards healthy thinking and behaviors. As you gain confidence and clarity, you will begin to see your unique path towards success in your business. You will learn how to see the sales process through the eyes of your customers, how to address their concerns, how to connect authentically, and how to ask for the sale. You will see how the natural progression of connection with your customer may even draw them to be a part of your team. These sessions will be designed with your specific needs in mind. Individual or Team sessions are available.
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I am learning so much about who I am and why I do the things that I do. I am finding answers to questions that I have been asking myself for years. Janet is helping me become aware of my day-to-day thoughts, activities, and self-talk and how they impact the choices I make. She is helping me discover who I am. The coaching is helping me form better habits, improve in my relationships, and recognize areas of thinking that was dysfunctional. Janet is a straightforward person and is not afraid to tell you the truth, and does so in a gentle, loving way. She is gifted in speaking out the very thoughts that I have in my head. How does she do that? I am so grateful that I have Janet to help me discover who I am.  I have made our appointments a priority in my life, as they are helping me improve in so many ways. I would highly recommend Janet to be your Enneagram Coach. She will not disappoint with her knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities.
-Jill Betts, Type 2

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