I specialize in personal transformation. I empower you to discover your soul’s purpose and find inner peace. I want to journey with you as we discover together who God meant you to be and the unique gifts God has placed in you.

As an Enneagram and Transformational Life Coach, I long to come alongside you to support, encourage and empower you to live into who God has created you to be.

I have learned through my transformational journey that fear was the common denominator in most of my limiting beliefs. Going within and creating awareness and acceptance and most importantly learning to forgive are what helped me to transform my life and mindset.

My coaching approach is holistic and takes mind, body and soul into consideration. Living the Life you love requires more than just stress management techniques, eating healthy foods, exercising, good community support and sleeping soundly.

I support you to find the importance of the mind-body connection. By becoming more in tune with your body, mind and environment you will experience game changing results.

I have a wealth of personal life experience I bring my clients. Owning my own business; Transformational Life Coach, Chakra and Sound Healer, Essential Oils Specialist and loving wife and mother.

My goal and divine calling in this lifetime is to guide others to discover their soul’s purpose and find inner peace and walk beside them on their journey to create the life of their dreams.


Working with Janell has been a wonderful experience for me. She is so genuinely interested in helping me grow as a person. She has guided me to see situations in different perspectives. Ramona

Janell coaches with compassion. She is a very intuitive coach and listens intentively to what you are saying. Sandra

Janell is a strong focused coach who uses her intuition to draw out the “stuck” in preparation for change work. Paddy

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Group, Couple
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Certified Enneagram Coach
Certified Transformational Life Coach
Certified Chakras
Crystals and Sound Healer
B.A. in Science