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Jackie Brady

The Enneagram, coupled with the Truth of Scripture, helps us to clearly see who God made us to be, eliminating shame and blame and providing insights for growth and fulfillment.


Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Marriage, Ministry, Parenting, Pastoral Leadership, and Women

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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

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Relationships are my specialty because they are my passion. As a wife, mother, foster mom, grandma, pastor, teacher and leader I have come to realize the importance of healthy relationships – with the Father, the family, the community, the church. There is nothing that makes life richer than a healthy relationship and nothing that makes it more miserable than an unhealthy one. With the tool of the Enneagram, I have been able to help couples see that the source of our struggle is often because we have believed so much about our self and our spouse that is completely false and lost sight of the way we were created to reflect God. The Enneagram brings to light the masterpiece God made us to be.
When I am not coaching I enjoy sketching, going for walks with my guy, family get togethers, mentoring new followers of Jesus, volunteering at a faith based home for teens at risk, and learning as much as I can.


Enneagram Internal Profile Endorsement, Bachelors in Transformational Christian Ministry, Ordained by Church of God Ministries, Anderson, Indiana


30-Minute Free Consultation
Learn more about the coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs, see if you feel comfortable continuing with me and determine next steps.
Discovering You Sessions
This overview of the Enneagram includes 2 sixty minute sessions that will help you understand yourself and others like never before. This package can be done with a group in a half day session or at a weekend retreat.
Exploring You
Exploring You consists of 6 one hour sessions where you will learn how you were made to reflect the image of God and how life in our fallen world impacted your ability to do so. Fears and weaknesses, longings and needs creep in and take control of our thoughts, feelings and actions creating a lesser version of what God intended BUT we don't have to stay in that cycle of bondage and defeat. Understanding who God made us to be and who we have become is the starting line for running a good race and in these sessions you will receive the tools you need to become your best YOU. Exploring You also includes an introduction to the Enneagram Internal Profile.
Exploring You Sessions with the Enneagram Internal Profile
There are five sessions in this series designed specifically to teach you about your Enneagram Internal Profile. These sessions will bring clarity and understanding to all the things that make you uniquely you. No shame or blame. Just embracing who God created you to be and understanding the struggles that may have plagued you for years. You will have some ah-ha moments that have the potential to bring lasting life transformation.
Pre-Marital Coaching
You are about to encounter a deep commitment and life-long journey. Wisdom calls us to invest more in the marriage than in the wedding, yet many couples do the opposite. Start off on the right foot, laying a foundation that will stand the test of time. This includes 4 ninety minute sessions where we will learn more about your type and how that relates to the common stressors of married life: finances, family of origin, vulnerable connection, communication and more.
Couples Coaching
The finest tool I have used in working with couples is the Enneagram. It helps us see our true self and that of our partner rather than continuing to trip over all the false things we have come to believe. It tears away the shame and allows us to become vulnerable and humbly love and honor each other for the person God made them to be. We begin with six sessions, from 75-90 minutes each, and we can extend our time together as needed for ongoing health and vibrancy in your marriage. Because I believe that pastors must lead by example with a healthy marriage, I offer deep discounts for clergy families.
Pastoral Staff Retreats
You are leading people to know Jesus and since you are the one they look to, it is critical to be able to reflect Him well. As a staff, I will lead you through understanding how you were created to reflect the image of God and the things that keep you from doing that well. Learn about yourself and those who lead with you so that you can lead well, according to the strengths God has given you. Using the proprietorial Enneagram Internal Profile, I can help you build the kinds of relationships with others that lead to growth in self and those you lead. This can be done onsite in a one day session, or an abbreviated half-day session is available if needed. Pricing depends on the number of people. Contact me for pricing information for your group.
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Women's Retreats
Imagine gathering with all your girlfriends and collectively becoming more self aware, conquering the battle of negative self-image, becoming better wives and friends, understanding others with more clarity and leaving with the tools to grow like never before. That is the purpose of an Enneagram Awareness Retreat. This can be one, two or Three days, depending on your needs. Contact me for pricing information
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Jackie is a uniquely gifted woman full of godly wisdom. Her calm, patient and non-judgmental approach makes it easy to talk with her. She couples these strengths with a genuine desire to help a person to love God, others and self more. She has led me to a greater understanding of my distinctive personality and given practical ways to improve my areas of weakness and my relationships. She is remarkably qualified and I highly recommend her. Sherri, Type 9

Jackie is a uniquely gifted woman full of unconditional love, selflessness and godly wisdom. Her wit, calm demeanor, patient and non-judgmental approach makes it easy to talk with her.  She couples these strengths with a genuine desire to help a person to love God, others and self more. She guides a person to a greater understanding of their distinctive personality and gives practical ways to improve the areas of weakness in themselves and in their relationships.  She is remarkably qualified and I highly recommend her.   Lisa, Type 1

It is easy to learn from someone who has genuine love and concern for you. Jackie sees the best in you and gives you the desire and the tools to become a better person. Dennis, Type 8

Jackie has a deep understanding of the Enneagram and how to use its nuances to shine a light on our ways of relating to the world. She is able to steer us directly to our pressure points and ask the direct questions that need to be addressed. On a level truly unmatched, she selflessly and adeptly wades into our marital dynamics, offering the gift of listening, understanding, redirection and praying for us. Because of the time we have spent with her I am confident we are better equipped to run the race set before us.  Jenny, Type 5

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