Thank you for clicking on my profile and getting to know me!  I am pleased at the possibility to take this journey with you!

When I was first introduced to the Enneagram, I was also back on the path to connecting with my faith.  The experience I had in discovering my type was both enlightening and gut wrenching.  As the facilitator described Type 3, I honestly wanted to throw up.  However, once I further explored the strengths and motivations of my type, what my type brings to relationships and teams, as well as how I could grow spiritually, I felt relieved and centered.  It seemed that I finally had actual directions to achieve my goals and grow in my relationships as a wife, mother, daughter, leader and friend.

Becoming all that God has called us to be is a process and takes willingness and surrender.  My clinical experience coupled with my Enneagram Coach training is an opportunity for you to become transformed and access all the parts of yourself that might not even truly be in your awareness yet.  I believe that with grit and grace we can fully live out who we are and whose we are.

I am able to provide a secular OR faith based approach in our work together.  It is your preference.

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2024 Enneagram Coach
Your Enneagram Coach Certification Network

This certification built on the foundation of Enneagram knowledge I already had regarding the 9 types, their core motivations, levels of alignment, wings, triads and paths. Since being certified, I feel very confident and equipped to help you discover your type or navigate a potential mistyping you have experienced. Additionally, this certification allows me to provide you access to valuable worksheets and resources that will help us explore on your growth journey together. For questions about this, please message me for a free consultation.

2024 Enneagram Informed Mental Health Professional
Your Enneagram Coach

As an experienced Licensed Mental Health Professional, I have honed my therapeutic approach over the last 20 years. In gaining this training from YEC, I am to utilize the Enneagram as a tool in my practice. In therapy, this means that not only can your type and core motivations inform our process together, but we can use the Enneagram to improve your emotional intelligence, develop healthier thinking patterns, learn to appropriately respond when activated, recognize and leverage your strengths, as well as develop strategies to overcome your blind spots and improve your relationships. Using the Enneagram in the therapeutic process can promote freedom from limiting beliefs and false messages ingrained in your personality. For questions about this, please message me for a free consultation.

2012 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Florida Department of Health

As a licensed mental health counselor, I have the clinical skills and expertise to provide therapy in addition to coaching. What's the difference? When I am wearing my therapist hat, I am tapping into my training to approach you in terms of your mental illness or your other significant emotional, relational concerns. This could include a trip into your past during our sessions that leads to connecting your status presently with your mental illness and emotional status. When I am wearing my coach hat, we might glance into your past, however our work will primarily be looking at a process of moving from where you are now to reaching some future oriented goals. This is a nuanced concept for some to understand; you are not alone if you are confused. Both therapists and coaches are using different approaches and modalities to help you create long lasting behavior changes. For questions about this, please message me for a free consultation.

2024 Parent Endorsement
Your Enneagram Coach

Parenting is hard! Earning this endorsement to add to my coaching certification has been such a blessing! You deserve to discover how your Enneagram type impacts your parenting style. Exploring your Enneagram type's core motivations in terms of your parenting style can improve communication and connection with your children. For questions about this, please message me for a free consultation.