I help burnt out nurses and other health care professionals discover the joyful and balanced life that God intended for them.
As a Christ follower, wife, twin mama, educator, and nurse I know what it is to be stretched to the limit, feeling like I am being pulled in 20 different directions, and distracted from the path that my Heavenly Father has set before me. God put the tool of the enneagram in front of me and as an 8, I felt vulnerable, but also so grateful to understand why I think, feel, and do the things that I do. I immediately knew that using this tool could be helpful to not only myself, but also to the health care team members that I worked with in the hospital and in the nursing program in which I was teaching. I signed up to become a certified enneagram coach with Becoming an Enneagram Coach and have dedicated my time to learning more about the enneagram and using this tool to help others to see who they are in Christ and how to live out the joyful and balanced life that God intended for them. If my story resonates with you, please reach out and let’s have a conversation about how we can work together.


Hi beautiful! This week’s homework hits home so much. I found myself really digging into the Bible and looking up what God’s message is to me….. IT IS OK TO ASSERT MYSELF – MY PRESENCE MATTERS!!! I have been very cognizant of when I go to lay down of asking whether it’s because I want to take a nap or am I avoiding something else? 9 times out of 10, I was avoiding, and a lot of those times, I took the dogs for a walk or took a drive and listened to some Christian music. I found peace and calmness in doing those things. I really loved our time together and thank God He put you in my life! -N.S. Type 9


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