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Hello and welcome to my enneagram assessment page.  As someone who is passionate about relational health for all my clients, the enneagram is my favorite tool to utilize in the process.  My self discovery journey started at an early age.  I attended an 8 day intensive on a quest to gain confidence before heading to college.  It was years later, watching Oprah, that I realized I started with Dr Phil.

At Vanderbilt, I majored in Human and Organizational Development.  From there, I worked with people as a change management business consultant.  Since 2017, I have had my own practice working with individuals, and my favorite organization, which is families and family owned businesses.

As a former Fortune 500 consultant, I value finding the quick wins that add up to a huge breakthrough.  Of all my tools, the enneagram is the one that I have personally benefited from the most, which is why I am a founding member of the YEC certification process.

Since my enneagram is a 1 wing 2, I naturally love to share everything I learn with others, because it’s good and right!  While I am always enrolled in a class, I have fun friends to keep me balanced.  Of all my clients, it is my husband and three young adult children that have been my greatest supporters (probably because they see the evidence of my personal growth the most).

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“We have had so much value in having Cristin lead our team offsites this year as we incorporate the enneagram into our business culture. We are gaining so much value in our relationships and I believe it is saving time and increasing our productivity.” – Corporate executive, 1600 person company

“It was so great, I loved every second of it. It is so nice to have clarity and awareness of what you can do to improve it. I am still applying what I learned in the relationship I am in now and often with my friendships.” –  Enneagram 7

“The enneagram has helped us as a couple understand dynamics that we have never understood. Cristin has been helping us apply the awareness and we are experiencing breakthrough we didn’t realize were possible.” – Enneagram 8 and 2

“I went to a team offsite and learned new things about myself and my teammates. This has made a big impact with my relationships at work and reduced the irritating conflict that comes from not having clear understanding.” – enneagram 5


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