I’ve been diving into the Enneagram since I was first introduced in 2017.  Although a lover of all personality type tests before, this was the first one that truly resonated and helped me gain language into WHY I did the things I did and in the ways I did them.  Several “accusations” about my personality had repeatedly been made throughout my life, leaving me feeling less-than and questioning my ability to lead and truly be successful.  Once I understood my wiring, based out of my core motivations, I was able to understand– and then grow!  It’s been a wonderful journey for me personally and one I’m not excited to join you on!

Through 1:1 sessions, I look forward to helping you discover the same “ah-ha’s” that will help you grow into the person you desire to be and reaching the goals you wish to accomplish.  Whether that’s through divorce, post-trauma, job changes, leadership goals, business-building, going back into the workforce after a break raising a family, or just starting your career path, I look forward to being your biggest cheerleader!

I’m an enneagram 7, with a strong 8 wing who has worked 25+ years in Sales, Customer Service and Management both in the corporate world and 8 years on ministry staff.  I was divorced in my early 20’s and co-parented through my daughter’s HS graduation. I’ve been married now to Kelly for 15 years and we share an elementary age son.  My newest hobby is horseback riding but I always love coffee or wine nights with friends, dating my husband and exploring new places.

Let’s dive into this together!

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