Finding Freedom in self-awareness and personal growth through gospel-centered Enneagram coaching. Unlock your full potential and embrace the YOU God made you to be!

I’m so glad to meet you!! My name is Chelsea Kelly and I’m a wife of 27 years and proud boy-mom of 2 amazing teenage boys. I live in western North Carolina where the beach and mountains are both a short drive away (although the beach is my favorite!). I was introduced to the Enneagram through couples counseling during a really difficult season in my marriage. I still remember the feeling when faced with seeing myself through the “mirror” of the Enneagram for the first time. As with most mirrors, I was uncomfortable, even ashamed, of what I saw. In fact, I chose to look away for a period of time; however, God gently kept bringing me back to the discovery of who I was and who He made me to be. What Joy and Freedom there is when we can begin to see ourselves and those around us through the lens of the gospel. Understanding the lens through which each type sees has allowed me to show more grace to myself and others. I am so excited to share the same with you so that you can experience true Joy and Freedom in your relationship to God and with others. I look forward to hearing your story!

Fun Facts about me:

* I love to Travel
* I love to sing, play piano, and currently learning guitar
* I have a brown eye and a blue eye
* I am an only child
* I spent 15 years in the banking/real estate industry in Charlotte, NC
* I currently work full time as a financial secretary for the local public school system
* I am a Certified Group Fitness Instructor


“Enneagram coaching helped me better understand myself after discovering my main type. Chelsea helped me navigate and confirm I was a Type 9 instead of Type 8 as I had previously thought. She was there every step of the way, always encouraging and supportive during our sessions. My wife and I have improved our communication by understanding our Enneagram types.” Adam – Type 9

“Thoroughly enjoyed my Enneagram coaching with Chelsea. She has a pure, genuine and caring heart for others and wants to help them discover who they are and why they do what they do by discovering their main type. I enjoyed digging deeper to understand my type as well as my husband’s. Megan – Type 2

“The enneagram really opened my eyes to why I was stuck in the same patterns. I finally have a path to break free from the frustration.” J.D. – Type 9

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YEC Certified Enneagram Coach