I work with individuals, couples, teams, and churches to help others find freedom and experience gospel transformation.


As a certified Enneagram Coach and founder of Gospel Centered Enneagram, Brian has been working largely with individuals, churches, and organizations across the country to help them find freedom and discover gospel transformation.

An ordained pastor for over 20 years, Brian is passionate about making disciples any way he can to help fulfill the mission Christ set out for us. He also brings a unique perspective as someone who has experienced (and survived) intense church and ministry hurt and trauma, and understands the need for grace, empathy, and forgiveness. You can find more of his work with victims and survivors or spiritual abuse, religious trauma, and church harm at Broken to Beloved.


Any energy invested in becoming a better human so we can serve our purpose in this world is worth the time, and the enneagram is a super helpful tool in doing this. Being vulnerable is a key part of this process, and Brian is a trustworthy and knowledge guide through the experience.
Even if you have an understanding of the enneagram beforehand, there is a ton of value in partnering with a coach to help clarify how it all applies to you. He was able to teach me that my view of how I expect the world to treat me is not how God does—and that has been a game changer for me.
-Katie, Type 8

Brian is well-versed in the Enneagram and has done his own work to be a healthy person so that he can offer helpful insights to others. I felt safe and Brian honored our time together with helpful feedback and affirmation.
It was a helpful process for me as a social 7w6 to be able to verbally process my insatiable desire to find contentment and discover what some of my core longings and desires truly are. I highly recommend Brian as an Enneagram Coach!
-David, Type 7

Exploring the Enneagram with Brian was an eye-opening and fascinating experience. I not only learned about myself and how my type influences my motivations and actions, but I also learned how to better understand and better empathize with others.
I had read and listened to Enneagram experts before but didn’t really understand all the nuances of the Enneagram (and how they applied to me) until working through the Explore sessions with Brian. His gospel-centered approach was also crucial in keeping the focus of our time on understanding God’s specific message to me and applying that as I walk through the highs and lows of this life.
-Courtney, Type 3

Enneagram coaching with Brian was incredibly helpful and insightful! I had been familiar with the enneagram for a couple years so in my sessions we were able to dive deeper and clear up stereotypes and misconceptions about my type. Discovering that I am not bound to my behaviors was extremely liberating and empowering!
What makes Brian unique is how he uses the Gospel to illuminate the enneagram; by embracing that we are made in the image of a loving God, it helped me understand not only my number better, but also gave me a deeper sense of compassion for myself and others.
-Sharon, Type 2

I’ve learned so much more than I expected about myself in relation to God, family, friends, and work. The coaching sessions have helped me gain a better understanding on how to identify and break unhealthy habits and grow more into the person God created me to be.
-Annie, Type 9

Ever since I first learned about the Enneagram, it’s entirely changed my understanding of who I am and how I operate. While I’ve learned a lot about it on my own, my sessions of Enneagram coaching with Brian have really helped me solidify a deeper understanding of this amazing tool through a grace-focused and Gospel-centric lens.
-Zach, Type 2

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