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Brent McCrory

Every single one of us longs for transformation. I meet you where you are and help guide you toward what may currently seem impossible to you.


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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 9

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I know from both personal experience and helping others how we all simultaneously yearn for and shrink back from transformation. With a growing awareness of this ironic truth in one hand and having a guide to help you leverage the tool of the Enneagram taking your other hand, I am certain you can take some powerful steps in your own process of transformation.

I bring over 15 years of ministry experience into Enneagram Coaching after being swept away by the ways of the world earlier in life. My life experience in both realms has helped shape my ability to meet you wherever you are and help you see a way forward.

I am married to my closest friend, Melissa, and we are blessed with four children (Ellei, Charis, Zeke, and Anastasia) who help us grow as followers of Jesus. Melissa and I have recently started a ministry through which we go and serve those in ministry by helping them connect with the presence of the Lord. Aside from family, our ministry, and coaching, I enjoy being active, relaxing, talking with friends, thinking by myself, being outside, dreaming of a day when we have a fireplace for cold winters, and the restoration of all things.


Certified Enneagram Coach by Your Enneagram Coach

Certified Marriage and Family Enneagram Coach by Your Enneagram Coach 

Over 15 years of ministry experience

M.Div. from Lincoln Christian University



30-Minute Consultation
Our endorsed YEC certified coach will inform YEC's three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs.
Discovering You Sessions
This is where I guide you in discovering the Enneagram type with which you identify the most.
Exploring You Sessions
Like any tool, if one is not careful, harm can be done with it. It is no different with the Enneagram. One example of harm is "information overload," which will lead to doing nothing with this amazing tool. This is where I will draw heavily on a customized Guide Sheet so you can immediately apply the wisdom of the Enneagram to your life and not be overwhelmed with too much information.
Becoming Your Truest Self($75.00)
There are always next steps in life. This is where I stay alongside of you and help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual).
Not Available
Couples Coaching($115.00)
Relationships are wonderful AND they take effort. This couples coaching process will be a help in many ways, one of which is a simple tool that can be a game changer with how communication happens with your partner.
Not Available
Gather some friends for an introduction.
Want to learn about the Enneagram with a group of friends? Round some up, set a time with me, and we can Zoom together and have some fun. Five people minimum or cover the cost of five people.
Are you serving in ministry? Contact me directly to talk.

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As a professor of college students, I am regularly asked what my Enneagram type is. I never had a good answer, in part because of different assessment/test results. In my sessions with Brent, I was able to not only identify my main type but also go deeper into understanding the Enneagram system as a whole, which was really helpful for me. I also appreciated learning that what I thought of as reactive and negative kinds of things in me were, at times, me stepping out of my normal type, which can be a good thing. Also, having guidance in how to intentionally do that has been a tremendous help. – Dave type 9


I worked with Brent in better understanding my personality 1-type. His demeanor was very professional and thoughtful. He gave great insight and helped me to delve deeper into understanding who I am as a child of God. He also helped me to recognize that, as a pastor, when others come to me for assistance, they will be looking at their difficulty through the lens of their Enneagram type (whether they know anything about the Enneagram or not), simply because it how they process information. Brent helped me to get a better understanding of how the other 8 types might perceive the world, which helps me to be more sympathetic and understanding. I would encourage anyone who has questions about their own personality, or seeking to understand others, to meet and talk with Brent. – John type 1


My experience meeting with Brent about the Enneagram and my number was extremely helpful! Brent weaved together his experience as a pastor, listening skills, wisdom, and passion for the Enneagram and facilitated a time that God continues to use in my life today. The things that I learned about myself through the Enneagram and Brent’s coaching helped me know myself better and helps me have healthier relationships and a more effective ministry! — Thayne type 2


Just want to take a quick second to Renewing You Coaching for the **FIRE** enneagram coaching! Our weekly sessions are helping me peel back the layers of why I do the things I do, and how best to find growth pathways within it! Spoiler alert — I thought for most of my adult life that I was a 4. TURNS OUT I’m actually a 7 and wow has that opened my eyes to some growth (and weak points YIKES lol) I never knew were out there; as well as how growing those could positively affect my family, marriage, workplace and overall life! CANNOT highly recommend his coaching enough!!! 💪 ❤️ 🤓 — Jenny type 7


Having been recently made aware of the Enneagram, realizing that I was a 9, and facing retirement from a 39 year career, I thought it would be good to explore my strengths and weaknesses as a 9 and how those will impact me moving forward. Brent provided challenging questions and guided me through the process of seeing how as a 9 I have things that I need to be aware of, how to change, and how to better use the strengths I have as a 9. I left the sessions with confidence and a skill set to meet the challenges of the future. — Rob type 9

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