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Barri Lusk

Blessed Coaching - Where Grace Meets Growth

Helping individuals, teams and churches with a grace-based approach to personal and relational growth using the tool of the Enneagram.


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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck?
Let’s focus on the next step forward in your journey.

Does your soul feel weary and parched?
Let’s explore self-care and soul-care solutions.

Is your group ready for next level growth?
Let’s discover how to strengthen teamwork.

I’m a Type 2 Nurturing Supporter that specializes in providing a grace-based, growth focused environment to see real transformation in weeks, not years.

I believe when you know yourself and your people through the lens of grace, you’ll live the life you were made for and you’ll find rest in God’s unconditional love. As a pastor for over 35 years, I’ve seen many believers struggle with feelings of shame, weariness and anxiety and at times, I’ve been there myself.  True transformation comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When combined with the Gospel, the tool of the Enneagram gives us practical steps that can lead to real growth.  I coach in bite-sized chunks to take the overwhelm out of the information overload that can happen when learning the Enneagram.

Are you ready to jump on a Free 30 Minute No Obligation Consult Call?  We can talk about which coaching sessions would best meet your needs and I’d love to hear any questions you have.  Just click on the button below to send me a message.

About Me:

*  I married my first love, John (Type 3) and we are going strong at 36 years!
*  John and I have served side by side in the full time ministry for more than three decades!
*  I have two beautiful daughters that love Jesus and married men of God!
*  My grand-pups call me “Mimi” and they are the cutest ever!
*  I speak Thai and Tagalog, I host fabulous parties, and I grow gorgeous Dahlias!

I can’t wait to hear all about You!

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Ordained minister in the local church and mission field for 35 years, Certified Enneagram Coach (YEC), Certified Enneagram Internal Profile Coach (YEC), B.A. in Sociology


FREE 30 Minute No Obligation Consultation
Let's chat about my coaching sessions to see which one would best meet your needs and to answer any questions you may have.
KNOWING Session - 60 minutes
I'll help guide you in knowing and confirming your main Enneagram type. We'll cover the Core Motivations of all 9 main types and see how the unconditional love of Jesus fulfills our deepest longings.
ENNEAGRAM INTERNAL PROFILE Sessions - 60 minutes (5 Sessions)
In these grace and growth focused coaching sessions you will learn the Enneagram in a clear and simplified way. We will explore the many parts of your inner world, because you are more than just your number! As you understand your true identity in Christ, you will learn how to lead yourself into the best path for your particular Enneagram Type. A practical and customized Guide Sheet is included in each of these five sessions. *Pay weekly or pay in full and get a %10 discount.
GROWING Sessions - 60 minutes (5 Sessions)
These life changing sessions are both grace and growth focused. There are five sessions in this series each with a practical and customized Guide Sheet to help you learn without becoming overwhelmed. As we take a deep dive into your main type, you will understand the WHY of how you think, feel and behave and how the Gospel relates to you. We will discuss self-care, stress, strengths, blind spots and more as you learn to live from your identity in Christ. *Pay weekly or pay in full and get a 10% discount.
GOING Sessions - 60 minutes
After completing the KNOWING and GROWING sessions, I'll tailor your coaching times to help you apply all you learned into your everyday life. The encouragement and accountability I provide will help improve your confidence and your relationships so that you can go forward to bless others.
SACRED REST Sessions - Individual or Group Sessions for Ministry Leaders - 60 minutes
Spiritual leaders, Pastors and Pastor's Wives often struggle with compassion fatigue and burnout. I know these struggles firsthand after 35 years in the full time ministry. A topic close to my heart is the self-care of a servant. In these sessions we will focus on avoiding ministry burnout through healthy boundaries and soul care practices. You will experience greater peace and freedom as you find true sacred rest. I'd be honored to minister to you as you minister to others. *Discounts available.
Build a culture of understanding, empathy and unity in your team, church or business. My workshops are designed around the needs of your group and are fully customizable. They are perfect for leadership teams, retreats, staff training, small groups... really any size group, large or small. Topics can include, but are not limited to Enneagram 101, communication styles, conflict coping styles and how to connect with each type. Please, contact me to discuss your specific needs and budget.
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Going through Enneagram coaching with Barri was truly life changing. I had done some research into the Enneagram on my own in the past, but it wasn’t until I went through the coaching that I really understood it and the impact it could have in my life. I have become a better leader, friend, wife and mother. Barri was empathetic and loving as she guided me through the process.

As a millennial, the Enneagram and different personality tests have captured my and my generation’s attention. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with the overload of information. Barri brought this information to life and made it so practical; she taught me more than any test ever could!
-IVY, Type 7

The Enneagram coaching was a “Game-Changer” – WOW! What freedom, joy, grace and love you will have for yourself once you are able to love how you were created! It allowed me to really understand who I was, why certain things affected me and how to recognize triggers. Barri was kind, patient, loving, honest and vulnerable during our coaching sessions. I am forever changed!
-Tiffany, Type 6

We recently had Barri in to do her Enneagram Workshop for our entire leadership team of the Two Cities Church here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Barri helped each of us walk away having greater clarity on how our individual types can be used to support and build each other up. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm makes the training so much fun. We look forward to seeing all the ways God will use it to strengthen our relational bonds and our effectiveness in our leadership roles.
– Collin, Type 3 and Beth, Type 2

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