Do you need a personal Branding Expert?
A guide to help clarify your narrative and posture?
How is your brand defined | refined | restored as you transition through life?
Are you misunderstood or simply don’t fit in?

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the tl;dr; version:

  • Born in Nigeria to a Hausa mother and Yoruba father, grew up in the Netherlands, live in Reading, PA with my Puerto Rican wife & two teenage sons.
    • The soundtrack of my life so far has featured complicated rhythms of “how do I fit in” and a heavy dose of “trying not to be misunderstood.”
  • My undergraduate degree is in computer science and I have a master’s degree in technical project management from Boston University.
    • I am learning that the most difficult problems are “people problems”.
  • After lots of pain, multiple failed startups, and working lackluster and unfulfilling jobs, I found the Enneagram.
    • It’s been a compass for my mind and a metronome for my heart.
  • If there is a disconnect between what you do for money (vocation) and your calling — let’s talk.

Using the Enneagram:

  • I am understanding myself better
  • I am understanding my wife and children better
  • I can hear and discern my internal voice vs. my inner critic
  • I now have an Ego Reduction Tool
  • I can better assess business partners and opportunities
  • I am making better strategic decisions
  • My courage is growing to address difficult relational issues
  • I feel less misunderstood
    • because I am learning to communicate my desires often and clearly
      • in ways that are better received by those I care about.

I want this for you!

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YEC Certified Enneagram Coach
BSc & MSc