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Honesty before God and ourselves leads to transformation in lives. It takes the things that hold us down and brings them to light so that we can cast them aside. Only then, can we live the abundant lives we were created for.

When I first discovered the Enneagram, I knew it was amazing and insightful. But the real game changer was when I read Ian Cron’s words, “The Enneagram doesn’t PUT you in a box, it shows you the box you’re already in and how to GET OUT of it.” I heard that like a it came from a bullhorn!

If, like me, it seems you continually face the same frustrations, struggle with the same issues, and take two steps forward, one step back, you’re ready to take a deeper look inside. The more I understand the WHY inside me, the more I’m able to choose a path that takes me in a different direction. And even more significantly, as my heart begins to hear and BELIEVE “I am created exactly as God designed and there is no flaw, no shortcoming, and no failure in being me that isn’t filled by him”, I move closer to fully living the life of peace, joy, and purpose God imagined for me.

As a mom to four children, a wife of 34 years, an educator for over 25 years, and supporting mothers and families as a doula, I have learned that my greatest joy comes from investing in and caring for people. The Enneagram combined with the truth of the Bible provide a perfect rudder to guide us to a genuine life-change.

I am happiest when I’m with my family, our animals, camping, kayaking, and using the days I’m given in purposeful ways. I have great anticipation for the connections and opportunities God will grant me through this adventure.

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2018 B.S. Elementary Education/History & English High School
University of Idaho

My undergraduate education began in the typical way post-high school graduation. But life took some different turns, and it was not until after 12 years of homeschooling, 8 years of teaching middle school in a private Christian school, and raising four amazing children that God opened the doors for me to finally complete my degree in Education. This led to teaching in the local high school and eventually transitioning to a virtual structure.

2016 Pregnancy Counselor

This certification enabled me to work as a pregnancy coach with our local Pregnancy center. I was able to meet with women from all types of backgrounds and current life situations to support and celebrate this upcoming journey and to give them the confidence that they would be able to do it well and would not be walking alone.

2023 Certified Enneagram Coach
Your Enneagram Coach
2023 Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula
Birth Boot Camp

This certification enabled me to love and support parents and families during the time of delivery and after birth to cope with the immense challenges a new baby brings. From practical help of maintaining the home, caring for siblings, and giving mom a chance to sleep to being the cheerleader and listening ear, my job is simply to bring whatever a mom needs to experience this amazing life transition with joy and confidence.

2024 EIP Endorsement
Your Enneagram Coach

This additional endorsement has equipped me with more tools and a deeper understanding of the personalization of the Enneagram to pass along to my clients. The Enneagram Internal Profile (or "EIP") allows you to fine-tune the focus on the layers within each of us to identify the various "parts" within you. Identifying them enables you to use them as points of specific growth within the framework of the Enneagram and our identities specifically created and found only in Christ.